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April / May 2013

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Construction Projects Progressing

Spring is often considered a time of rebirth for nature and it′s also revealing plenty of physical change at Trine.

Three projects are underway as crews have been enduring cold and snow to keep projects on schedule.

Work on the interior of the T. Furth Center for Performing Arts is the latest project to begin. Meanwhile, crews continue work on the Jim and Joan Bock Center for Innovation and Biomedical Engineering while another crew installs new roofing on Shambaugh Hall.

Work began last month at Furth and is expected to be completed by December.

With funding in hand, Trine is moving at full speed on a $6 million renovation and addition to the Furth Center (the former Angola Christian Church), located on Maumee Street west of Darling Street.

"We are grateful for the generosity of donors who are making this a reality for the Angola community and Trine," said Trine president Earl D. Brooks II, Ph.D. "This large–scale project will honor Trine′s long–standing tradition of music while also honoring the history of the church."

Trine credits longtime donors Tomas Furth, Rick L. and Vicki L. James, Cliff and Sig Ryan, and Ralph and Sheri Trine with enabling the university to tackle this renovation and 3,328–square–foot addition. The project is in response to increasing student interest in the arts and music, and to establish a venue for large–scale productions, concerts and other events. (A comprehensive community needs assessment completed in 2006 confirmed that opportunities for creating, appreciating and interacting with the arts were dishearteningly absent from northeast Indiana, limiting opportunities for students, youth and families.)

The site of the Jim and Joan Bock Center for Innovation and Biomedical Engineering shows the building is taking shape. There, too, workers have endured snow and cold to keep the project on track for a fall 2013 opening.

The Bock Center will house a variety of labs for engineering programs, including a bigger and better cast metals lab. Other planned labs are for biomedical engineering, bio materials, biomechanics, plastics, mechanical and electrical, scanning electron microscope and student venture.

At Shambaugh, crews have worked through cold and snow to cover the building with a green metal roof that gives the building a more unified look with other campus structures.

Construction Progression