Tbolt Trivia

Congratulations to Jim Bullard, a 1972 civil engineering graduate, who won the drawing for the last trivia contest. Forman Hall is the current name of the hall that housed the cafeteria prior to 1970.

In this issue, your memory skills on campus buildings will be challenged.

What year was Hershey Hall constructed?

If you know, please submit your answer to tbolt@trine.edu to enter to win Trine gear.

Calling All Trine Travelers and Revelers!

Send in photos of your friends and family and you while traveling or at backyard barbeques, get-togethers and reunions.

Send photos to tbolt@trine.edu for inclusion in upcoming issues of the Tbolt and for a chance of winning Trine swag.

Ryan Skywalk

"Hello! I just wanted to send some pictures in of my travels here in China.  I′m sure you′ll get a lot more in the future since I′ll be living here for two years.  I was surprised to read about the Trine Bridge. Best Regards and Zia Jian!"

Casey Pierce, CAD ′07