Tbolt Trivia

Congratulations to Jessica Vanderklok, CRJ ’09, for correctly answering last issue’s question. Trine University hosted its first NCAA event in 2012, the NCAA DIII Women’s Golf Championships.

New Question:  How many schools does Trine University have?

If you think you know the answer, e–mail Racheal Benner.

Casey Pierce

Trine Travelers

Tri–State 2007 alumnus Casey Pierce catches a football while donning a cutoff pink Shanghai Warriors jersey.

“I′ve had the chance to help create and promote an American Football team in China. On Jan. 5 some of us decided to build a second team in Shanghai, and as of today, we have about 25 people on the team. We are gearing up for a seven–game season starting in September and will play teams from Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou and possibly the Philippines as part of the NFL Experience (NFLE). The NFLE is focused on promoting football in China through youth programs, but also has helped us lately in promoting adult tackle football.”

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