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August / September 2013

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Bock Center

Jim and Joan Bock Center for Innovation and Biomedical Engineering Opens

Think bigger and better and you get the picture of the new and improved laboratories in the just-completed Jim and Joan Bock Center for Innovation and Biomedical Engineering.

After less than a year of construction, the nearly 25,000-square-foot facility is ready. The structure stands where the former Aero Building was located. In fact, a supersonic wind tunnel that used to be in the Aero Building will be re-installed in the south side of the former campus grounds building. The north side of the building is used for the Senior Design Center.

The Bock Center, located behind Fawick Hall with a main entrance that faces the west toward the Rick L. and Vicki L. James University Center, has four major areas: Innovation One and the Office of Career Services, cast metals, plastics and biomedical.

Like other buildings on campus, the two-story structure features a brick façade and green metal roof. Numerous windows allow natural light into many of the spaces and office areas.

Many of the changes provide for better sharing of the laboratories between engineering students and Innovation One. Here’s a sneak preview (don’t miss a chance to see the building and a dedication ceremony during Homecoming weekend) of what’s inside:

  • Innovation One and Career Services - Innovation One (i1), Trine’s technology and business incubator, is housed in the Bock Center along with the Office of Career Services. This offers business and industry a one-stop location to discuss needs for services with i1 and to find employees, interns and co-ops with Career Services. Remember, i1 is also open to the regional community as well as business and industry.
  • Cast metals - Trine’s renowned cast metals program gets even better with an expanded cast metals lab thanks to trustee and alumnus Rick L. James and Metal Technologies Foundation. Lab equipment was moved from Fawick Hall to this much larger space, and new equipment will be added in the future. The expanded laboratory has an observation area on the upper floor that allows visitors to watch from a safe perch as molten metal is poured.
  • Plastics - Trine’s new plastics engineering program to support area industries is off the ground and running with support from trustee Lynn Brooks and Rieke Corp. A new plastics laboratory and new materials testing lab are both located in the new building.
  • Biomedical - The biomechanics and biomaterials labs have been expanded to support the biomedical engineering program. Students have more space when using the biomechanics lab and a dressing room has been added for the convenience of those whose movements are studied in the lab.
  • Rapid prototyping - A laboratory with two rapid prototyping machines allows design engineering technology students to transform their computer-generated designs into three-dimensional pieces.
  • Ready for change - Flexible spaces have been included to allow more options for using the Bock Center.

The new Bock Center for Innovation and Biomedical Engineering is sure to be the go-to place for many Trine students and illustrates Trine’s commitment to offering real-world experience to its students.