In honor of the New Year, we offer you 12 New Year’s resolutions for the 12 months of 2012. Ten just didn’t make sense.

Lose weight.
Use the BMR formula (to determine how many calories you usually burn) and apply the Harris Benedict formula. To stay on track, create an excel spreadsheet and chart your progress. If you don’t know how to do this, consult an engineer.

Make time for your kids.
After all, they might be the only legacies you leave behind. Scary, isn’t it? You better make sure they turn out right. Take them to a college visit day at good ol’ Trine so they can follow in your footsteps. You turned out OK, didn’t you?

Too much turkey at Thanksgiving? Too many Christmas cookies? It’s time to hit the gym. This year, instead of wearing that old fraternity shirt from 1991, buy a new Trine shirt before you sweat to the oldies.

Spend less money on coffee.
You looked at your 2011 receipts and realized you spent $1,825 for venti café mochas at Starbucks. This year, brew your own coffee and put it in a trusty reusable thermos, and put your money in a scholarship fund at Trine. You’ll even get a tax deduction.

Relive your glory days.
So you’re an executive, respected in your profession. Take a break and head back to your alma mater for some good times. Recreate that embarrassing yearbook photo. Meet up with your frat brothers and have a few ... laughs. Homecoming is the great time to head back to campus. Think of all the fun you’ll have ... tailgating and hanging out at your old digs.

Quit Facebook hiding.
It′s time to socialize, and Trine people love to play a round of golf, watch a football game or eat dinner, lunch or, well, anything that involves food. Contact Trine′s very own Sarah Brown (′98), and she will get the party started. She′ll work out the details so you can have all the fun. Or better yet, join the facebook Alumni group.

You’re just starting your career and paying back your student loans. You don’t have a few extra bucks to spare, but you’d like to help out your alma mater. There are tons of opportunities to volunteer on campus. Contact Gretchen M. Miller at or 260-665-4312, for more information.

Some of you might not know what this means. So, we’ll make it easy for you. Relaxation is defined as the process leading to the establishment of thermodynamic equilibrium in macroscopic thermodynamic systems. And we all want that, don’t we?

Organize your life.
Start with you, and then move on to your desk, car, office and house. If mind is over matter, then matter can be controlled.

This is an election year. Make sure all your information is updated and make informed decisions as an educated member of society.

Learn something new.
Read a book. Go to the library. Surf the web. Take a class. Trine has numerous community education programs – we’ve got everything from exercise classes to business classes at locations throughout Indiana and online.

Visit the world’s engineering marvels. If time and budget don’t permit, you can always impress your peers by creating scale models of them with tinsel, packing peanuts and other holiday leftovers.