Golden Hearts reunite

Until 1995, Gamma Phi was known as the Friends of the Heart and The Golden Hearts. For the last five years, a group of the 1980s Golden Hearts has reunited for long weekends to exchange memories of Tri-State and Sig Ep. This year, the women went white-water rafting and zip-lining in West Virginia. Next year, they plan to go house boating in Kentucky. Pictured, from left and starting at the bottom, are Terri Chapo, BSBA ’87; Leslie Moyer Robey, ASEC ’84; Marsha Hippensteel, ASCT ’87; Kelly White, ASBA ’88; Jim, the guide; Diane Metzler Decicio, who attended from 1984-85; Shelly Ladd, ASAC ’83 and BSMGT ’85; Shari Dean, BSCRJ ’86; Vicki Kisner Weis, BSBA ’85; and Jane Wright Ramson, BSME ’87.

“We enjoy comparing life notes as we grow older in our lives at home and together as life-long friends,” Kelly White said.

Phi Kap reunion

by Matt Clemens, ME ′96

The Phi Kaps gathered for a "special and significant" reunion during Homecoming on Sept 30 and Oct. 1. This reunion – one of the biggest on record – was pushed by brothers Jim Huizinga, Hector Martinez and a few others. Most of the guys hadn′t been back on campus in over 40 years.

They met with Trine president Earl Brooks II, Ph.D., on Saturday morning and enjoyed a campus tour. They also held their annual meeting at Witmer Clubhouse, ate a tailgate lunch at Whitney Commons, watched the Thunder football game and had dinner at the Hatchery for dinner. The group was so large the Hatchery closed their doors to the public. After the dinner, most of the brothers went back to the house for more socializing.

Since Phi Kappa Theta was founded as a Catholic fraternity and most of the older brothers are Catholic, many attended mass on Sunday morning at the newly constructed St. Anthony′s Catholic Church on Maumee Street. The mass was held in memory of the brothers from the ′60s that have passed on. Each of their names were read and remembered during the mass. A few of the brothers played golf Sunday morning, but most packed up and called it a successful weekend.

Family, friends, Gamma Phis remember Siersma

Sorority sisters, fellow soccer players, coaches and friends gathered Saturday, Dec. 10, for a memorial service honoring Jennifer Siersma, who passed away in December 2001 from injuries sustained in an automobile accident during her junior year at Tri-State University. A native of Holland, Mich., she pledged Gamma Phi sorority and played soccer.

Those who attended the service hung ribbons on a tree planted in her honor and played a game of soccer. “Siersma,” as she was endearingly called by virtually everyone, was described as a jokester and a prankster who loved music. Each year, Trine University hosts the Jennifer Siersma Memorial Tournament in her honor.

Siersma’s friends and sorority sisters have stayed in touch since graduating from college.

“The sorority has been a support group for anything I’ve had going on, whether good or bad,” said Christine Vargo, BSAC ’03. “Those relationships you make in college keep forever. We all pick up with each other like there hasn’t been any time apart.”

From left are former TSU women′s soccer coach Tom Pawlik, Katie Sielatuycki-Koleszar, Christine (Vargo) Pfeifler, BSAC ′03, Rhonda Siersma (mom), Liam Chapman (nephew), Allision Chapman (sister), Autumn Hulting, ’03 EEd, Megan (Holt) Hartman, BSCOM ′03, Kari (Lockwood) Clevenger, ’03. Also present were Robin Pawlik, Aaron Lochner and Scott Hartman.