Corporate partnerships tap into power
of Innovation One

Innovation One, Trine′s incubator for developing new ideas, encouraging creativity and bringing concepts to market is now engaging corporate partners.

"Corporate partnerships allow us to provide priority services to those who financially support Innovation One," said Michael Bock, senior vice president. "That could be in work co–operatives or internships for students or special curriculum that′s been designed to support their particular industry.

"For example, Reike Corp. has recently signed on as a corporate partner. Part of our arrangement with Reike includes new curriculum that′s been introduced in our school of engineering, specifically plastics, that makes it possible for a student to graduate with a minor in plastics, but at the same continue to pursue their engineering degree," Bock said. "So, essentially, we′re ‘growing our own’ to support the plastics industry throughout the region."

This partnership benefits all manufacturers that work in plastics, not just Reike, and the same holds true with our partnership with Metal Technologies, Bock said.

"We have one of the top cast metals program in the country and we’re building a new metals lab in the Jim and Joan Bock Center for Biomed and Innovation," he said. "The new lab will also support metals and materials sciences. So, the new lab will support Metal Technologies and at the same time be available as a resource to the orthopedics world, as an example."

"Based on the level of funding, corporate partnerships allow the university to allocate specific resources to those particular businesses to meet their needs," Bock said.

Corporate partnerships pave the way for companies to move their projects forward with the help of Trine students and faculty, said Tom DeAgostino, director of Innovation One.

"My vision is that every student on campus would at some point work at Innovation One," DeAgostino said. Innovation One taps into more than the school of engineering and can provide a range of assistance, including help with marketing and promoting new products and developing a business plan. "The power of Innovation One is that we have so many skilled students and faculty members."

Any alumni or others who would like to tap into the power of Innovation One with a corporate partnership should contact Bock at or 260.665.4878 or DeAgostino at or 260.665.4265. [ Innovation One website ]