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Where′s Christine Mannina?

Dec 2009
Mannina speaking at Trine with student Tiffani Lee

Meet detective Christine Mannina, BSCJ ′93. Christine is a 14–year police department veteran who has spent the last eight years in a homicide division at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. She has maintained a case solve rate high above the national average, and finished the year 2008 with a 100 percent solve rate. She has earned numerous honors, including Detective of the Year, Officer of the Month, and the Medal of Merit. She graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy with honors.

Her work is showcased in the Investigation Discovery Channel television show "The Shift," which tracks her and co–workers as they investigate homicides. The highly successful show is filming its second season and can be seen on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m.

"I have great memories of Tri–State. The friends I made are still my closest friends today. I liked the fact the university is a small school where the professors knew you and cared about you, not only as a student but as a person. The degree I obtained has helped me tremendously in my career. Having a degree in criminal justice gave me an edge over other applicants when I applied for the police department ," Christine said.

You can also keep track of Christine on her blog by visiting http://blogs.discovery.com/the_shift/

Trine Travelers

Dec 2009

"Hello! This was taken in Takefu, Fukui prefecture, Japan."

"I teach at a main school four days a week, but this was at my visiting school. They are my two– and three–year students (eighth/ninth–graders)."

Best wishes from Japan – Leslie Erlenbaugh, BA′07

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