Tbolt Trivia

Last issue’s trivia question, “In what year did Steuben County record on the worst blizzard on record?” sparked an interest for many of you. The answer we were looking for was 1978.
Some of the write-ins we received were:


“I believe that Steuben County experienced one of the worst blizzards on record during my freshman year, which was the 1977-1978 school year.  TSU was on a quarter system, so it was the winter quarter. I remember classes being cancelled (some said for the first time), snowmobiles bringing food in and guys jumping out of Stewart Hall windows. I lived on the second floor of Unit D, now called Platt, and the drifts came up to my window! Even if it wasn't the worst in Steuben history, it was one of the worst in my history!” wrote Lisa Russakoff-Gilman, ’81

“It was the "Blizzard of ’78 – one of those events in life that you will never forget,” wrote Bruce Price, ’82.


“The Great Blizzard of 1978 was Jan. 25-27, although it was at least a week later before we got our cars dug out,” wrote Paul R. Simon, ’78.

“I was a student playing basketball for TSU.  It was the winter of ’77-78.  Students jumped off the roof of Stewart Hall into 15-foot snow banks. School was actually closed,” wrote Greg Haneline, ’81

We drew one winner from all of the entries we received. Congratulations to Paul Simon.

Now, we will test your memory of campus extracurricular activities. Name the musical group that came to campus in the fall of ′69 but was unable to perform due to an equipment malfunction. The duo returned to campus in 1970 and put on a great performance to a large crowd. Please e-mail your answer to tbolt@trine.edu.

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