"Life is a challenge, meet it." – Mother Theresa

Previously in another career, I served in an Admissions and Enrollment Management role that allowed me to meet with a variety of college-seeking students and their families. When meeting with these prospective students on their campus visits, I always had a series of questions that I would ask them.

These inquiries ranged from if they had tested the food in the cafeteria, if they could see themselves on campus for four years, if we offered their preferred field of study, and if the college was a good fit for them. However, the most important question that I would ask these young adults, is do you think that you will be challenged enough here? This question could seem very overwhelming for an 18 year old to answer, as it can be seen as a question relative to all generations.

Do we as humans eagerly accept being pushed or do we want things to come easy for us? Do we learn from being challenged? Of course we do. A college education is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make. Do you not want to get the most out of it? Let’s face it; we all know that college is a lot more than being challenged in the classroom. Acing the Organic Chemistry class and surviving Calculus were small feats compared to some of the other challenges that were faced. From making friends, living away from home and surviving without your mother’s cooking, asking that pretty girl on a date from your English class, rushing a fraternity, competing in athletics, to even just finding clean clothes – these feats alone, could make you an accomplished individual.

You learned from these experiences and gained knowledge from being both in and out of the classroom. It was the friendships that you made, that currently still enhance your life. What a great challenge that you faced; what great rewards that you reaped. Tri–State College, Tri–State University, and Trine University provided these challenges to you alumni. It is within these challenges, and the strengths and attributes that you developed, that encouraged you to be lifelong learners. If we thought that we had learned it all in college, we would all be greatly mistaken.

As John Wooden once said, "it′s what you learn after you know it all that counts." Thus, your alma mater again asks you to accept a challenge. We ask you to GET CONNECTED. Become better engaged with us as we strive to become better engaged with you. Read the magazine or pass along the T-Bolt, attend a home sporting event, support a student scholarship, visit us on campus for Homecoming, tell your neighbor′s kid about your alma mater, or even just shoot us an e-mail to let us know what′s going on in your life. Until next time, I ask you, your alma mater asks you, embrace the challenge – get connected. – GMM

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Gretchen M. Miller is currently working to enhance the ′relations′ in her title as the Director of Alumni Relations and Events at Trine University. Please feel free to contact her at