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June / July 2013

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Lauren Hood

Lauren Hood on path to pursue and conquer exercise science and fitness through education

Lauren Hood came to Trine University from her hometown of Austintown, Ohio with the mindset that she would take 18 credit hours so she could study hard to get good grades; extracurricular activities were not in her plans.

However, today, she is involved in music ensembles on campus and is a member of the women’s lacrosse team. She is also the founder of the Trine chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success and the Exercise Science Association. During her sophomore and junior years, she served as the president of the Trine Honors Student Association.

The exercise science major was drawn to Trine University because of the small class sizes, rural setting, and “homey” feeling. After visiting campus only one time, she knew that Trine University was the place for her. “Three years later, I’m now positive that it was my gut telling me I had found my new home, and not that I needed to find the cafeteria,” she jokes.

Lauren has had some notable accomplishments during her time as a Trine student. She is currently preparing for an internship at Halliburton in Houston where she will be spending time in the wellness facility. She hopes to gain experience as a personal trainer (she will be certified in just a few weeks!) and in corporate health promotion and fitness assessments.

Her biggest accomplishment though, was the completion of her senior capstone project, during which she was able to work with Dr. Rudy Kachmann, a neurosurgeon from Fort Wayne, on a project that closely examines the efficacy of social media on health-related behavior change in college students. Through the generosity of Dr. Kachmann, Lauren was able to acquire equipment that allowed her to draw blood of study participants, and use blood chemistry values as a means of studying the behavior changes that have occurred because of social media usage.

While she has had great accomplishments, she is not finished yet. After graduating in spring 2014, Lauren plans to obtain her master’s degree in epidemiology. Then, she will pursue a doctorate in the same field or attend medical school to study physical medicine with a focus on sports medicine.