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June / July 2013

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Racheal Benner

Get Connected with Racheal

Take a moment to think about the last time you moved homes or changed your phone number. Or, changed your email address or created a new social media account. Or, the last time you changed careers, received a promotion or were given an award. Now, think of the last time you let your alma mater know of these changes.

I encourage you to visit to update your information today. Each year, Trine University sends an assortment of postal mail to alumni, from the magazine twice a year, to invitations to attend homecoming and area regional events. If we don’t have your most current email address, you could be missing out on some important information.

We also use email as a frequent means of communication, and we cannot forget to mention all of the social media avenues we use to communicate, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Let us know your latest career or life accomplishments: marriages, babies, career changes, career awards, promotions and relocations … we want to hear from you about it all! We would love to share these with your fellow alumni in the class notes section of Trine magazine, or in an upcoming issue of the TBolt.

Racheal Benner, ′12, is excited to meet Trine University alumni. She can be contacted by email at