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Fall 2010

Alum Facebook Stories

The Office of Alumni and Development asked alumni and friends to share their favorite homecoming stories as part of a contest in September. The office received many great entries, and winners were selected at random. Those who were chosen received homecoming dinner tickets, tailgate lunch tickets, Thunder football tickets and Trine apparel.

The Thunder football team starts to appear in the distance. Thunderstruck comes on over the speakers. Everybody stands up. The stadium is shaking as the football players make their way through the main gate. I take off running, leading them down to the other end of the field. The crowd ROARS! It′s time for the kickoff ... everybody is still on their feet! Oooo oooo oooo oooo.... chills running up and down my spine. It was one of the best feelings in the world! I will truly miss it! GO THUNDER! Senior Laura Hoeppner, BSBA Sport Management

Last year, the TKE fraternity was passing out balloons at the Football game in the freezing cold. It was great exposure for Trine Greek life and the alumni that came back for the game. Overall a great experience. Matt Philhower, BSBA 2008

Beating Franklin College my senior year. Jeremy Troutman, BSDET 2008

We haven′t been to a homecoming in many years, but the most special part is the coming together of classmates and friends. Denise Stump, A. SEC 1974

My favorite Homecoming moment was watching my boyfriend, who was a senior football captain, come out onto the field for his last Homecoming Game. Jennifer Letera, BS 2008

My favorite homecoming experience was the year after I graduated. My friend, Heather Stennett, who I went to college with, won homecoming queen. The look on her face was priceless. Also, watching the football game and seeing Trine win! Benjamin Knowlton, BSBA 2009

Homecoming is always a time to see friends from school and recall good times while attending TSU. Dave and Rae were there a few years ago, and they were awesome!! Elizabeth (Betsy) Bowers, BSSM 2004

Unfortunately, I have no homecoming experience as of this moment, but will be coming back this year for the first time since 1969. I am looking forward to seeing all the changes that have transpired over the years and spend 2–3 days in Angola showing my wife the area. I have so many great memories of my time spent in Angola and am so looking forward to our visit. I′m looking forward to seeing Bill San Giacomo again who was my golf coach way back then and might have been his first or second year at Tri–State at that time. I′m sure I will be able to share this Homecoming visit in future years when I return again. Allen Murray, BSME 1969

My favorite homecoming memory was being on the homecoming court and crowned the homecoming queen my senior year. Kelly Roe, BCRJ 1999

When Kappa Sigma Alpha sorority won the first annual Trike Race! Amanda Day, BSBA 2009

My ultimate homecoming experience was when my husband proposed in Taylor Hall, where we first met. Jennifer Matuska, BSED 2007

I can′t say there is one specific experience that I enjoy more than another. My return to Trine, for whatever reason, has always been a great experience. Will VanRooyen, BCRJ 2002

Last year was the first time that I had attended anything dealing with Homecoming and I was pleasantly awarded with the recognition of being an alumn at the Homecoming football game. Since then, I have had a renewed respect for Trine. Being a Tri–State graduate, it was difficult to accept the name change, but I have seen GREAT things happening on and around the campus. Now that my daughter is attending, I have even a greater respect for all that this University is doing!! Scott Ervin, BAM 2007

I don′t think I have been to an alumni or homecoming weekend since the 1980s. Children and work seemed to have kept me away. I do recall that seeing so many happy faces on the campus made the day nice. Happy students, happy employees, and happy alumni all bonding over a fondness for TSU/Trine. I imagine with all the changes that have taken place, the faces are even happier! Lisa Russakoff Gilman, BA 1981

My favorite homecoming was in 2006 when I discovered that I was pregnant with my son! My husband and I were attending homecoming, watching the football game when I became ill and had to be rushed to Cameron Hospital. That is when I found out I was pregnant and we saw my son for the first time through the ultrasound! We have loved homecoming ever since! Maritza Armstrong, BCRJ 2007

I always loved the team spirit surrounding homecoming, and the homecoming court. I got to see lots of my friends placed on court and crowned in my years there. My favorite of all being Tiff Tesch, who was my RA one year and a great lady! Jamie Steiner, BS 2006

The best homecoming experience was my senior year when I won homecoming queen. What made it the best is the coordinator went out of her way to inform my parents, who lived nine hours away, that I had won so they could surprise me and be there homecoming morning. They kept it a secret and were able to be there when I got crowned. It is a memorable moment when I realized how much she knew having my parents be there meant to me. Courtney Swiecicki, BS 2007

I would have to say my favorite moment was during the dinner where we celebrated Dr. McKetta′s birthday and for whatever reason he decided to show off his UT Orange that he was sporting! It was way too funny! Julie Wert, BAM 2008

Being able to see friends and Alums…and the NEW CAMPUS every year!!!!! Kyle Wilson, BSDET 2006

Tbolt Trivia!

19 October 2010

Welcome to the seventh installment of our Tbolt trivia contest. With each issue of the Tbolt, a trivia question about our University will be asked. In order to compete and win from our stack of different prizes, the only thing you have to do is reply to tbolt@trine.edu with the subject line: Tbolt Trivia and submit your answer.

Congratulations to John Kozak, ′71 ChE, who won the August Trivia Contest. The question: What was the name of the diner located on the corner of Park and Darling Streets. Many answered the question and the correct answer was Tom′s Campus Corners. Thank you to all who entered.

This issue, we want to test your knowledge on past campus concerts.

Do you remember the year when Student Senate hosted the band STYX on campus? The group played in Hershey Hall to a huge crowd and it was a concert to remember.

If you know the answer to this trivia question, send it to us by Nov. 10, 2010 (only one submission per participant), and you will be entered to win Trine gear.

Baseball Assistance Needed!

As some of you may remember from the Connections magazine, 10 years ago I researched the original Tri–State football team that played from 1900–1905. As my retirement project, I am trying to compile the complete baseball records of Trine/Tri–State University.

In doing this, I have found that the baseball records for the years 1982 through 1993 are incomplete. There are games missing in all of these years, and the win-loss records for the 1984, 1989 and 1992 seasons are unknown.

I hope that the alumni from these years might be able to help. Any information you might have on the Tri–State baseball teams for these seasons would be helpful. Schedules would be great, schedules with the game scores added would be wonderful, but anything that you know may be something that I don′t.

If you can help me with the Tri–State baseball records for the 1982–1993 seasons please contact me at hawksr@trine.edu. Thank you.

Dr. Roger Hawks

Tgear online apparel

With football polls placing the Thunder among top–tier NCAA Division III teams, and the new Fred Zollner Athletic Stadium to serve six sports, Trine University fan frenzy will reach fever pitch this fall. What better time to take advantage of Trine′s online Tgear Store to stock up on Thunder clothing and other fan regalia?

Shoppers can link to the Tgear Store from the bottom of all home pages on the Trine University website, or visit trine.edu/tgear for all things Thunder, including T–shirts, sweatshirts, kids′ clothes, hats, caps, cups, jackets, flags, blankets, throws and other items. New inventory will be added on a regular basis.

Options to phone, fax or e-mail Tgear orders are spelled out on the page, with an online purchase option coming soon. All sales from the website benefit Trine Athletics. Those who are looking for bargains, watch for the Deal of the Month!

In addition to the website, Trine "fanfare" can be purchased at most athletic events.

We'd love to hear from you. Do you have a suggestion on what we should feature? Do you have some class notes to leave? Send comments to tbolt@trine.edu

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