50th Reunion Recap

This year, Trine University welcomed 16 members of the class of 1962. These guests, celebrating their 50th reunion, enjoyed visiting a class, had lunch at The Depot Grill, took a special class tour and were guests of honor at homecoming dinner. Having this class on campus was a strong reminder that memories last a lifetime.

Several engineering professors graciously welcomed 50th reunion members into their classrooms on Friday morning. This was a wonderful opportunity for these individuals to experience the classroom setting after being out in the real world for decades. Alumni who participated shared their excitement for the experiences students are receiving in the classroom, stating that hands–on experience is something they valued when they were students and are happy to see it still taking place today.

The class tour, given by current student Trevor Derby, ′12 FIN, took reunion members across the Ryan Skywalk and into a suite at Fred Zollner Athletic Stadium. Guests were able to take a peek inside Widmann apartments and then visited upper campus where they visited the oldest building on campus, Taylor Hall, before they stopped by C.W. Sponsel Administration Building. During the tour, guests were able to stop in Wells Theater (Taylor Hall) and listen to short presentations by Bob Keller, director of development, about university growth and change.

Later Friday evening, the 50th celebrating reunion members were guests of honor at the homecoming dinner. Recognized by President Brooks at the beginning of the evening, guests enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner served by Bon Appetit and a night of fellowship with fellow alumni.

Homecoming 2013 is Sept. 27-29. Plans are under way now for the class of 1963′s 50th reunion celebration.