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14 February 2010

Every couple has a love story, and Trine/TSU/TSC grads are no exception. Learn who met who, when and where, in this look at alumni whose campus crushes turned into cherished commitments. Below the stories is a listing of campus sweethearts.

Amanda Whorley, BSEd 2005 and Michael Wilson, EE 2006

Married: Aug. 1, 2009 at West Baden Springs Hotel in French Lick, Ind.

Met: Ford Library, 2002; began dating in 2004

Proposal: At the house they were renovating to be their first home

Where they are: Mike works at Adaptive Micro-Ware in Fort Wayne, Ind. and Amanda works for Wawasee High School in Syracuse, Ind. They reside in Kendallville, Ind.

Never to be forgotten: "Mike and I dated for about six years before he proposed. It was September of 2008 when Mike planned to propose to me at the Fort Wayne Observatory, but I kept rain checking because we were in the middle of moving. It was a really busy summer because our house was in the process of renovation. My little brother helped maneuver me into our dinner date the night he proposed. I think everyone in my family knew he was going to propose to me (but me). When we came home, Mike dropped down on one knee and proposed. I was so surprised, he had to ask me twice. We couldn′t wait to call and tell everyone the news. I think we probably got both our families out of bed at the time."

Trine/TSU/TSC notes:
Our wedding really was a Trine affair. Connie Tharp was really responsible for getting Mike and I together, Emily Chancellor and Dr. Tim Hopp were part of the wedding party and Dr. Tom Tierney walked me down the aisle. When the officiant asked who was giving me away, Tom said, "Her family and the faculty and staff of Trine University."

Don Laird, BSME 1947, and Beverly Laird, business student, 1948

Married: Angola First Congregational United Church of Christ, 1948

Met: They were both Angola, Ind. residents and knew each other from high school. Don′s sister was in Beverly′s class.

Proposal: They knew they were headed for the altar, so no formal proposal took place. "We just talked about it, and the next thing you knew, we were married," Beverly said. They dated for about a year.

Where they are now: Retired in West Linn, Ore.

Never to be forgotten: "We were both Methodists, but we got married in the Congregational Church in Angola because the Methodist Church had a fire so we couldn′t have the ceremony there. We left right after the ceremony and drove to California because Don already had a job as plant engineer for a paint factory."

Trine/TSU/TSC notes: "The best man was Don′s good friend Bob Seely from Tri–State."

Jennifer McCombs, BSEd 2007 and Landon Matuska, BSME 2007

Married: June 27, 2009, in Bellefontaine, Ohio

Met: At an R.A./Student Ambassador meeting in Wells Theater, Taylor Hall

Proposal: The site of their first meeting, WellsTheater

Where they are: Landon took a job right out of college and works for Surface Combustion as a field engineer in Maumee, Ohio. Jennifer worked first in Springfield, Ohio, as a first grade teacher at Catholic Central Elementary School for two years, and now is a substitute teacher at Meadows Choice Community School in Toledo.

Never to be forgotten: "Landon wanted to re-create the day we met. So he made sure that Taylor Hall and Wells Theater would be open for Homecoming weekend (2008). When we arrived for Homecoming weekend, Landon said that he wanted to look around the campus. We had a bet about if the doors would be locked or not to the theater. I was in shock to find the theater doors open, because they should have been locked. Landon said that since it was open, we could re-enact how we met. So Landon sent me up to the top of the steps and told me to walk back down. He sat where he was when we met. And when I got to him, he was down on one knee with the ring out. It was really sweet of him. He said that he forgot name tags, which he wanted us to wear, because one thing that he really remembers is how my hair was and that the name tag had a heart as the dot for my "i."

Trine/TSU/TSC notes: Although alumnus Brian Waterman was killed before the wedding, he was an honorary groomsman. Other Trine alumni included groomsmen Phillip Mullens and Arthur Clites and ushers Luke Allman, Scott Urkowski and Kyle Vanover.

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Here′s a compilation of Trine/Tri–State sweethearts. If you and your loved one are Lovebirds who met at the university, e–mail us and let us know.

Abriani, Roy & Sharon
Allen, David & Catherine
Allen, Jerry & Jorja
Alley, Chad & Kristen
Allman, Brett & Tiffany
Ambs, Douglas & Marlys
Amiss, David & Michelle
Amstutz, Joel & Sarah
Andre, Carl & Kathleen
Andreas, Travis & Tara
Anello, Dale & Bonnie
Ankney, Joshua & Michelle
Armstrong, Travis & Maritza
Arnold, Michael & Jamie
Aselage, Scott & Jen
Ashmore, Robert & Laurie
Atkinson, Robert & Michelle
Austin, Todd & Karma
Baggett, Bryan & Elly
Balka, Brian & Tina
Balser, Jeffrey & Jill
Bansback, Thomas & Jill
Barnhart, Robert & Amy
Bartuska, Richard & Susan
Bauck, Theodor & Gene Marilyn
Bauer, Christopher & Amber
Bauer, Gary & Darla
Bearman, Ted & Anne
Bedwell, Matthew & Lisa
Beier, Greg & Carrie
Beko, Peter & Virginia
Bell, Zachary & Karen
Bennett, Jason & Kylee
Berg, Franklin & Janet
Berry, Brantley & Dawnn
Berry, Jeffrey & Jennifer
Bertch, Roger & Susan
Bertoncini, Aldo & Brooke
Besser, James & Jessica
Best, Alan & Tracey
Bietz, Ralph & Debra
Binder, R. & Cynthia
Bobay, Dennis & Mindy
Bolakowski, John & Wendeline
Bondi, Wayne & Mary
Bontrager, Jon & Angela
Boval, Michael & Andrea
Bowers, David & Tracey
Bowers, Gregory & Christina
Braun, William and Jennifer
Brickel, Duane & Karen
Britvich, John & Mary
Brooksbank, Robert & Virginia
Browder, John & Christiana
Brown, Douglas & Kelly
Brown, Jerald & Karen
Brown, Michael & Joan
Bryan, Barney & Catherine
Budak, Robert & Melissa
Buelow, Joel & Albra
Burge, Douglas & Laura
Burns, Kenneth & Rozalyn
Burns, Robert & Beverly
Burton, John & Kristin
Bykowski, Scott & Sara
Campbell, Douglas & Kellie
Carter, Ronald & Jerry
Carver, William & Lisa
Cary and Kellie Farber
Casterline, Donald & Beverly
Chase, Robert & Melinda
Chen, Yi-Fu & Donna
Cicero, Robert & Eugenia
Clark, Robert & Phyllis
Clayton, Charles & Jane
Clemens, Matthew & Teresa
Closser, Patrick & Kristy
Collier, Raymond & Alice
Collins, Jeffrey & Jennifer
Combs, Eric & Valerie
Conrad, Christopher & Deanne
Creager, Nicholas & Kelly
Cress, Jonathan & Christina
Cripe, Jeremy & Jennifer
Crothers, Dean & Phyllis
Dailey, Brad & Kristie
Damman, Charles & Terri
Davidson, Vernon & Geraldine
Davis, Craig & Megan
De Moss, Kevin & Ryann
De Tray, Brian & Erin
Deidrick, Raymond & Nichole
Dela Cruz, Erwin & Melissa
Demorest, Cornelius & Jean
Demyan, Mark & Stephanie
DePoy, Christopher & Krista
DeWitt, Devin & Kirsten
Diaz, Tomas & Roberta
Dillman, Brian & Helen
Doll, Thomas & June
Donat, Blair & Beatriz
Dragoo, Gregory & Teresa
Drohan, James & T. Sue
Dukes, Jimmy & Ashley
Duprey, Daniel & Mary
Eby, Derek & Heather
Eckstrom, Douglas & Tamara
Edmiston, Michael & Lynette
Edsall, Raymond & Charlotte
Edwards, Timothy & Kelly
Eftimovski, Gorance & Laura
Elledge, Donald & Melinda
Erwin, Kevin & Sarah
Eversole, James & Megan
Federspiel, Steven & Meagan
Fenstermaker, Jeffrey & Andrea
Fisher, James & L. Rosana
Fleming, M. Shawn & Cynthia
Ford, Thomas & Lisa
Foster, Michael & Brandi
Fowler, James & Julie
Franz, Christopher & Jennifer
Freeman, Neil & Rebecca
Fresch, Daniel & Lizabeth
Frisoli, Michele & Kathleen
Frost, R. Jack & Rosalind
Frye, Rodney & Kimberly
Fuller, Stuart & Joyce
Funston, Daniel & Heidi
Furniss, Paul & Teresa
Ganaway, LeRoy & Towanna
Garr, Jeffrey & Elizabeth
Gay, Stanley & Ann
German, Chad & Deborah
Gest, Dennis & Heidi
Gierke, Steven & Rebecca
Gilman, Rex & Lisa
Gilpin, Ben & Amy
Givens, Arthur & Jessica
Glanders, Gregory & Nancy
Glanders, Thomas & Jerri
Glass, David & MaryLynn
Goddard, Steven & Sheryl Ann
Goebl, Christopher and Annette
Gorbett, Gregory & Kelly
Gorczyca, John & Lynette
Grant, Kristopher & Teresa
Green, Douglas & Criseida
Greene, Steven & Randi
Greiner, Thaddaeus & Angela
Griffin, John & Amy
Grimm, Brian & Cheyenne
Grindstaff, Joshua & Amanda
Grossman, Timothy & Theresa
Grover, Bryan & Joan
Grubb, Matthew & Christina
Gruner, Scott & Angela
Gunawan, Ali & Muljati
Gurtner, Brigham A. & Jennifer R.
Hale, L. David & Mary
Hall, Christopher & Julie
Ham, Damon & Carmen
Hammond, Terry & Rachel
Harmison, Glenn & Nevin
Haron, Johari & Farhiah Abdullah
Harshbarger, Stephen & Elizabeth
Hartleroad, Jeffery W.H. & Amber L.
Hartman, Scott & Megan
Hartsough, Kenneth & Traci
Haughee, Todd & Betsy
Hawkins, David & T. LuEllen
Heintz, Michael & Susan
Henson, Christopher & Jennifer
Herber, Adam & Janelle
Hershberger, Steven & Vonda
Hiller, Martin & Janice
Hoelscher, Patrick & Jennifer
Hoffelder, Michael & Diane
Hogan, Patrick & Cindi
Hooker, Richard & Merry
Hooley, Benjamin & Kara
Horman, Don and Jeanne
Hossler, Jeffrey & Tamera Sue
Hostetler, Gregory & Melissa
Hovermale, Mattthew & Kristen
Hull, Brandon & Stephanie
Hullinger, Daniel & Robin
Hulting, Niclas & Autumn
Hunter, John & Corrin
Huntsman, Leon & Kim
Huss, Jesse & Rebecca
Hutchinson, Brian & Lori
Ilko, Gregory & Marvelle
Isbell, Jonathan & Julie
Jagadich, Michael & Nancy
Johnson, Mark & Carol
Jones, Robert & Indrawati
Jostes, Robert & Teresa
Juvan, Andrew & Carrie
Kabat, Eric & Rebecca
Kaiser, Erich & Heather
Keil, Christopher & Monica
Kelley, David & Julie
Kelly, James & Marla
Kerr, James & Michele
Kerr, John & Jayne
Key, Robert & Denice
Kingseed, Glen & Debra
Kinter, Dwight & Jenny
Klein, David & Jennifer
Klett, Kelly & Vanessa
Klima, Derek & Kristina
Klinedinst, Grant & Melinda
Klinefelter, Robert & Deborah
Kluth, Matthew & Luci
Knepper, Matthew & Bridget
Knowles, Marlin & Jennifer
Kohart, Kirk & Krissina
Kolacki, Mark & Tina
Kolan, Jeffrey & Lisa
Kolbus, Thomas & Rita
Kopec, James & Diane
Kramer, Andrew & Lorena
Kreinbrink, David & Sharon
Kryscynski, William & Kellie
Kubic, Peter & Lori
Kuhn, John & Sharon
Kwon, James & Linda
La Cross, Chad and Erin
Laird, Donn & Beverly
Lavine, Christopher & Christina
Le Sage, Brian & Laurie
Lefeld, Gregory & Amanda
Lengacher, Alexander & Emily
Lester, Gram & Heather
Lewandowski, Alan & Thongkhanh
Lewis, Brian & Brandi
Lim, Eu Lee & Bee
Linderwell, Tyler & Melva
Lindsey, Jamie & Amanda
Linn, Corey & Erin
Lopshire, Greg and Kristen
Loucks, Brian & Katrina
Lutz, Brian & Sandra
Ly, Tan & Bee
Lybarger, Kyle & Kelly
Lynn, David & Marsha
Lyons, David & Eva
Lysaght, Richard & Donna
Maizland, Michael & Jennifer
Malone, Carl & Rikki
Malone, John & Lorelei
Manivilovski, Mike & Kristen
Mannen, Michael & Kaylyn
Marauszwski, Brian & Jean
Martens, Theodore & Debra Kay
Martin, Kiel & Olivia
Matthews, Dan & Ruth
Matusa, Landon & Jennifer
McCollum, John & Betty
McDonald, Michael & Sharon
McIntsoh, Steven & Claire
Meenen, Donald & Sandra
Meyer, Roy & Cynthia
Meyers, Frederick & Christine
Miller, Kurt & Sandra
Miller, Michael & Jennifer
Milligan, Brian & Jennifer
Mills, Bradley & Christine
Mills, Patrick & Pamela
Minard, Gregory & Marcia
Minich, Mark & Jacqueline
Mixis, Arthur & Debra
Mollenkopf, Ronald & Sandra
Moore, Joshua & Dara
Morgan, Matthew & Amy
Morgan, Robert & Mindy
Morneau, Mark & Jane
Morrison, Joel & Ann
Morse, Robert & Joan
Mundroff, Robert & Brenda
Myers, Troy & Deborah
Nagel, Lawrence & Michelle
Nettles, Roger & Lorraine
Newby, Stanley & Diane
Newcome, Mark & Cindy
Niblock, Chad & Kathryn
Niccum, Douglas & Mary
Nichols, Rodney & Jennifer
Nolan, Jeffrey & Jeanette
Oberlin, Gary & Julia
Odell, Jeremy & Kristina
Oertel, Richard & Micah
Olson, Brian & Heather
Paradise, Gary & Carol
Parks, Craig & Allison
Parks, Lawrence & Elizabeth
Parshall, Larry & Karen
Paschal, Marvin & Beth
Patchett, Timothy & Denise
Patrick, Trent & Mary
Patterson, William & Marjorie
Peck, John & Aleasha
Peckhart, William & Ginger
Pedraza, Jesus & Angela
Pelletier, Stephen & Lindy
Perkins, Christopher & Robin
Perry, David & Maria
Peters, John & Liat
Pettit, Robert & Holly
Piche, George & Kristina
Pierce, Christopher & Cindy
Pierrou, James & Rhonda
Pliett, Jerry & Jeanine
Poe, Alfred & Christine
Porr, Kenneth & Michelle
Posendek, Jeffrey & Anne
Powell, R. & Diana
Price, Bruce & Mary
Protsman, Daniel & Jenise
Proud, Raymond & Sandra
Pulkowski, Paul & Tiffany
Purkey, Jim & Michele
Rahm, Steven & Cynthia
Ransley, Scott & Brenda
Reeves, Jon & Pixie
Rehrer, Aaron & Nichole
Renken, Troy & Angela
Richard, Elizabeth & Teresa
Ringer, Bradley & Jamie
Rizzo, Joseph & Natalie
Roat, Dennis & Janet
Robbins, Kenneth & Buffi
Roberts, Jedediah & Nicole
Robey, Brian & Leslie
Roger and Michelle Wolfe
Rogowski, Steven & Tasha
Ross, Dave & Becky
Ross, Jeffrey & Shauna
Rupp, Sean & Lauri
Russell, Christopher & Gretchen
Russo, Scott & Kristine
Salmons, David & Carol
Sanders, Andrew & Sally
Sattler, Kenneth & Crystal
Schermerhorn, Thomas & Andrea
Schiffli, Matthew & Bethany
Schlabach, Timothy & Tonya
Schneider, James & Amy
Schroeder, Jordan & Shanna
Schumacher, Keith & Stefanie
Scotti, James & R. Christine
Scranton, Ryan & Rebecca
Seagroatt, Donald & Terri
Seegert, Brian & Amy
Shafer, Brent & Amanda
Shank, John & Alisa
Shankar, Charles & Peggy
Shenberger, William & Deborah
Shragal, Otto & Sara
Sikavitsas, Thomas & Sally
Simon, Steven & Debra
Sine, Jeff & Kristin
Slou, Michael & Katherine
Smith, Brett & Stacy
Smith, Daniel & Anna
Smith, Mark & Marianne
Smith, Phillip & Andrea
Snyder, Kerry & Vickie
Spidel, Mitchell & Jennifer
Sproat, Jeffery & Kelle
St. John, Terry & Amy
Stanley, Terry & Dana
Stark, John & Sabrina
Steiner, Andrew & Stephanie
Steingass, William & Mary
Sterling, Raymond & Lauren
Stevens, Gregory & Victoria
Stewart, Eric & Robin
Stockberger, William & Michelle
Stofleth, Jason & Kristen
Stringer, Matthew & Patricia
Stump, James & Denise
Sturgeon, James & Amanda
Such, R. Scott & Julie
Sullivan, Gregory & Pamela
Sullivan, Patrick & Carolynn
Surbey, Paul & Amanda
Swaim, Joseph & Dee Ann
Szymkowski, Thomas & Julie
Tagliaferri, Cary & Rebecca
Tagliaferri, Richard & Bonnie
Targgart, Douglas & Jennifer
Taylor, Eric & Gayle
Taylor, Matthew & Amanda
Taylor, Scott & Deanna
Terry, Neil & Sarah
Thober, Timothy & Julie
Thomas, Edwin & Heather
Thompson, Guy & Christine
Thompson, Jamison & Roberta
Timmis, Scott & Leslie
Timmis, Tim & Ingrid
Tripp, Chris & Jennifer
Truxton, Thomas & Margaret
Twietmeyer, Geoff & Laura
Van Laecke, David & Michele
Van Vleet, Jeremy & Kristen
Varys, Mark & Hanna
Vasquez, Ricardo & Tammy
Vrablic, Brian & Valerie
Wachendorf, Brian & Victoria
Wagner, Michael & Erin
Walker, Matthew & Laura
Warren, Gregory & Susan
Weis, Thomas & Vicki
Wernecke, Henry & Rosalie
Wertz, David & Ruth
Whitaker, Andrew & Grace
White, David & Jae Ann
Wiley, Craig & Nicole
Wilhelm, Charles & Cheryl
Wilkins, Todd & Jennifer
Williams, Richard & Michelle
Williams, Robert & Angela
Wilson, Michael & Erin
Winicky, Bruno & Camille
Wolfe, Al & Sharon
Wonderly, Scott & Kathy
Workman, William & Florence
Wroblewski, Marc & Joie
Wysong, John & Dawn
Yale, Douglas & Donna
Yoder, Stanley & Barbara
Young, Kyle & Racheal
Young, Steven & Valerie
Zabrecky, John & Becky
Zadylak, Michael & Christine
Zafrullah, Abu & Tasneem
Zavada, Michael & Nicole
Zdrojewski, Jacob & Lauren
Zeeb, Jeffrey & Melissa
Zehner, Mark & Kathy
Zvanya, Stephen & Patricia

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