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Lifelong Learning

Meet Gene: Author and Alumni

Jan 2010

Gene Myers, BSME 1961, built an international career in engineering and manufacturing, but along the way, he did a little writing, too. Here′s what one critic said about "After Hours: Adventures of an International Businessman," his third published book.

"Here are the most memorable, unusual and downright baffling stories you will ever hear from anyone returning from a business trip overseas. Find out why Gene risked his career to play basketball in Mexico, or what it was like being held captive in Iraq during a business visit. He′ll tell you about his unforgettable year living in Saudi Arabia and relive his experience of being "held up" in the Netherlands by two six–year olds! This, and so much more, is part of what happens after hours in the unexpectedly exciting and hilarious life of an international businessman. Who knew international business could be so adventurous?"

An executive for a New York company, Myers is a fitness nut and, when not away on business, can be found training for his next triathlon. He and his wife, Kay, reside in Indianapolis. Here’s his bio:

    I graduated with a BSME in 1961. My career took the path outlined below:
  • Worked as a field engineer in Detroit for two years then left with a friend for southern California.
  • I started as a test engineer with Honeywell and moved into management after a year. I remained for 11 years.
  • Moved into the computer manufacturing industry and held management positions in the manufacturing segment.
  • Worked for a Fortune 500 oil and gas drilling equipment manufacturer for 11 years; started as a manager and moved into executive positions including divisional president. The job required extensive international travel.
  • Worked as vice president of Middle East operations for a company marketing oil enhancement products. Lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Joined a telecommunications company from California and built a factory in central Indiana; personally operated the plant for five years.
  • Presently in a partnership with individuals from New York, Ohio, Texas and the United Kingdom. We have several businesses—one manufacturing an environmental-type paint (a radiant and thermal barrier) and the other developing products to enhance oil and gas recovery.
    My real passion has always been writing:
  • "The Blatherskite’s Reward," Exposition Press, 1972
  • "LeaderTrip: A Lesson in Organizational Transformation," Network Press, 1994
  • "After Hours," Strategic Book Publishing, 2009
  • "Songs from Lattys Grove," Strategic Book Publishing, due 2010
  • "After Hours Again" (working title), Strategic Book Publishing, due 2011
  • "Simply Ordinary," a screenplay, InkTip Agency (2006)
  • "Guaymas," a screenplay, InkTip Agency (2007)
  • Authored numerous technical magazine articles and papers, which were presented worldwide, from Amsterdam to Borneo.

Kudos to Profs

Jan 2010

We are proud of the following accomplishments by our talented faculty members:

  • Dr. Donald Jones, an associate professor in the Department of Communication, serves as chair of the public relations division of the Central States Communication Association and as program planner for the public relations division of its annual conference program this year.

  • Dr. Marek Kolar, an assistant professor in the Ketner School of Business, has published a scholarly article in the December issue of the Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money.

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