Applying how we learn to teaching math

Jamie HallasJamie Hallas

Trine University - Jannen School of Arts & Sciences
B.S., Ph.D. - Western Michigan University
260.665.4262 | email

I am an assistant professor of mathematics here at Trine University. I joined the Trine community in Spring 2023.

My education includes a B.S. in Mathematics & English: Creative Writing as well as a Ph.D. in Mathematics.

My research specialization is in graph theory and, in particular, I am interested in problems related to graph coloring, domination in graphs, and Ramsey theory. In addition, I am always interested in finding new ways we can model what we see in the world with graphs and other mathematical structures or techniques.

Though my formal background is in theoretical mathematics, I am also interested in learning science and the scholarship of teaching and learning in mathematics. My hope is that a better understanding of how we learn will translate to a teaching style that allows me to be more impactful as an educator.

I started formally teaching in 2017 as a graduate student. Having the opportunity to support students in developing interest and skills in mathematics and the pursuit of knowledge in general is a highly rewarding experience. My hope is to foster this interest in mathematics among the students at Trine and other communities both within and beyond the university.

Outside of my work, my interests include exercising at the gym, spending time with friends, gaming, and reading/listening to books & music.