Helping others reach their goals

Abbey GuyllAbbey Guyll

Trine University - College of Health Professions

B.A., M.A., Ball State University

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My career began at a small community hospital, where I gained a wide variety of experience working with patients in various settings (inpatient, outpatient, a skilled nursing facility and through Indiana’s First Steps Program).  With a desire to be part of a larger team of speech-language pathologists, I transitioned to Parkview Health, where I was given the opportunity to serve patients on the acute care floors, skilled nursing unit and inpatient rehab unit for the next 12 years. 

Being part of an interprofessional team has allowed me to learn so much from my colleagues.  I am so grateful to all the speech-language pathologists and other medical professionals for the collaboration that has improved the lives of our patients, and taught me so much about being a professional.  It was through this position at Parkview that I also found a passion for working with patients who have suffered from a traumatic brain injury (TBI).  In 2014 I became a Certified Brain Injury Specialist, to improve my skills as a speech-language pathologist working with individuals who have had a TBI or acquired brain injury (stroke). 

I was also able to further develop my leadership skills during my time at Parkview.  As I advanced to a Speech-Language Pathology Lead and eventually to a Lead Therapist of the Inpatient Rehab department at Parkview Regional Medical Center, I supervised numerous graduate students and supported clinical fellows frequently.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge and clinical experience with future SLPs. 

One of my favorite things in the world is to see people achieve their goals and dreams. Helping patients achieve their goals is what drives me as a speech-language pathologist. My transition to the MS-SLP Program at Trine University will provide me with the opportunity to support students in achieving their dream to become a SLP. 

Spending time with my family is my most favorite thing.