Title ll Reporting

Franks School of Education

Each year, universities with teacher preparation programs are required to report data to state and federal government agencies (Title II). The following data were recently reported and reflect the performance of the 2015-2016 program completers (11).

Pass Rate on State Required Exams  

Type of Assessment Trine Pass Rate for program completers
Basic Skills (CASA) 100%
Pedagogy/Indiana Core (content) 100%
Summary Total/Pass Rates 100%

 Grade Point Averages Calculated upon program completion

Grade Level  Average GPA
Summary 3.63

Job Placement rates

Type of Placement Placement Rate
Employed or in Graduate School  100%

2016-2017 Teacher Candidate and Completer Data


  • Average ASP III Score - 3.39/4.0
    Data gathering during student teaching semester – Analysis of Student Performance/ASP III (3-Meets Standard, 4-Exemplary)

  • Cohort Admitted to Teaching Education Program
    • 16 candidates
    • 3.0 GPA Requirement per candidate
    • 3.44 Cohort's Average Cumulative University GPA

  • GPA of Teacher Candidates at Graduation
    • 19 candidates
    • 2.5 GPA Requirements Per Candidate
    • 3.47 Cohort's Average Cumulative University GPA
  • University GPA Reuirements for University Teacher Candidates Seeking Admission to Teacher Education
    • 3.0 Fall 2016 to Present
  • Teaching Observation of Candidates by University Clinical Educator
    • Junior Level EDU 301/303
      • 15 eligible candidates
      • 2.78 average score
      • 2.5 required passing score
    • Senior Level Student Teaching
      • 18 eligibel candidates
      • 3.25 average score
      • 3.0 required passing score