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Transition to Teaching (T2T)


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Become a Teacher by Trine

You've had teachers who made a positive impact on your life.  Now it's your turn.  Earn your teaching license through Trine University's online Transition to Teaching program to be that teacher who changes children's lives.

The Experience

Taught by passionate, supportive faculty, this online program is four semesters in length, accepts transfer credits, and can be completed in 16 months. You can earn your Master's Degree by taking two additional online classes.

The Results

This online program through our state and nationally accredited School of Education certifies you to become an elementary educator licensed to teach in Indiana kindergarten to sixth grade.  You will also have the opportunity to earn Google Level I Certification.


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Additional Information

EDU 503 Learner Development and Differences

EDU 513 Literacy for the K-6 Learner

EDU 523 Instructional Design I

EDU 533 Educational Assessment and Environment

EDU 543 Differentiated Learning

EDU 553 Families as Partners

EDU 563 Instructional Design II

EDU 573 Literacy for the K-6 Learner II

EDU 583 Student Teaching

$500 per credit hour*

Total cost at 27 credit hours: $13,500*

*Proposed tuition, curriculum and credits are subject to change upon Board review and approval in Fall 2020.