Associate of Science in Surgical Technology

Beginning fall 2019,  the Associate of science in surgical technology (AST) program at Trine University is designed to prepare students to succeed, lead and serve the community and the Certified Surgical Technology (CST) profession. The AST program will be the beginning of a lifelong journey in the pursuit of knowledge, professional development and personal growth. The program is committed to maintaining the highest moral, ethical and academic standards.

In the operating room, surgical technologists work closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists, registered nurses and other personnel to provide direct patient care. Prior to a procedure, surgical technologists prepare the operating room by ensuring the proper equipment, instrumentation, supplies and solutions are available and ready. During a procedure, surgical technologists anticipate the needs of the surgeon by passing the appropriate instruments and supplies, managing the sterile field, and caring for specimens. Other duties include holding retractors, cutting sutures as directed, and measuring and passing medications and hemostatic agents.

Surgical technologists are experts in sterile technique, combining knowledge of human anatomy, surgical procedures, and medical tools and technologies to effectively assist physicians as they perform invasive procedures.

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