PA additional costs

In addition to the tuition and semester/course fees, expected and optional fees are summarized below. These are an estimate as prices are subject to change.

Need a Titer, Vaccination, Drug Screen or TB test?

You can obtain these from your primary care provider. Trine University has a contract with Redimed (part of Lutheran Health Network) to provide these services to our students at discounted rates.

Service Required by Program Student Cost++ Notes
Physical Exam $40  
Drug Screen / Testing x2 $20 $10 each
Annual TB Testing x3 (Mantoux)** $39 $13 each
Annual flu shot x2 $80 # actual price to be determined
TDAP $104  
Hepatitis B $65 Per injection. Series may be needed, which takes 6 mo to complete; booster may be  needed
Hepatitis B Antibody Test $53 (1-2 months after last injection)
Hepatitis B Titer $62  
Measles Titer $65  
Mumps Titer $41  
Rubella Titer $46  
Varicella Titer $69  
Total $500  
** The Gold Test (TB screen) can be substituted for the Mantoux. It is approximately $30.00 through DeKalb Health. This screen has not be specifically negotiated through RediMed. ++These figures are as of March 2016.

Students are to carry health insurance which may or may not cover some of the above health care related expenses.

Where to go for above services through Redimed:

Locally, the services are available at:

Business Name: Business Health Services
South Clinic
Business Health Services
North Clinic
Location: 5976 W. Jefferson Blvd
In Time Corner Shopping Center
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
315 E. Cook Rd.
Fort Wayne, IN 468252
Hours: M-F 7 am - 7 pm
Sat./Sun. closed
M-F 7 am - 5 pm
Sat./Sun. Closed
Phone 260.436.2273  260.489.7334

 Additional Costs

Medical Equipment $900
Background Check $55
Drug Screen $40
*Estimated costs as of 5/2017