Biomedical Engineering Minor

Biomedical engineering combines knowledge from all the basic science disciplines: mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology as well as engineering sciences.

Due to this inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary nature of the subject, and the rapidly advancing knowledge in the field of medicine, the curriculum for a biomedical engineer must also be adaptive and keep up with current advancements.

Course Requirements

Required Biomedical Courses
BIO 384 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (4)
BIO 394 Human Anatomy & Physiology II (4)

BME 2013 Intro to Biomedical Engineering (3)
BME 3003 Intro to Biomechanics (3)
BME 3103 Intro to Biomaterials (3)

Required Engineering Science Courses
ES 223 Dynamics (3)
ES 233 Engineering Materials (3)
Choose one of the following two (2) options:
ES 243 Solid Mechanics (3)
or one of:
ES 253 Electrical Science (3)
ECE 213 Circuit Analysis (3)

Total: 26 hrs