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BS in Sports and Recreation

The Bachelor of science in sport and recreation degree at Trine University serves the growing number of students interested in a rewarding career in recreation. It is designed to provide a broad general education in physical activity, sports and sports-related fields.

Sports and recreation students are prepared to work in the private sector, such as a YMCA, boys or girls club, fitness center or park, rather than in public schools as a health or physical education teacher. According to Time magazine, youth sports in the United States is a more than $15 billion dollar industry.

The Bachelor of science in sports and recreation degree also prepares students to work in programs for adults, including adult education, senior programs and programming for those with disabilities.

Relevant topics and practical experience

Students will take courses including topics in sport management, management and exercise science, and complete two internships in sport and recreation. Students develop knowledge in fields such as:

  • Coaching
  • Sport skills instruction
  • Leadership
  • Event planning
  • Budgeting
  • Risk management
  • Contemporary issues in sport
  • Athletic training

Prepared to lead sports and recreational programming

Graduates of the Bachelor of science in sport and recreation program at Trine University will be prepared to create and administer recreational programs and to succeed in leadership roles in coaching, recreational programming or sports administration. They also will know the requirements to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to maximize athletic performance.

Center for Sports Studies

The Bachelor of Science in sport and recreation program is part of Trine University's Center for Sports Studies.

Additional Information

One of the most unique requirements of the Bachelor of science in sport and recreation degree is that each student must complete two internships in the field before graduation to further their career opportunities. Possible internship sites include:
  • Steuben County YMCA
  • Pokagon State Park
  • Coldwater Parks and Recreation Department
  • Jellystone Park
  • Doyle Community Center
Information about tuition can be found at Cost and Investment.