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Thunder 360

First-Year Experience Program

The challenges facing today's incoming first-year students in adjusting to college life is real! In response to these concerns, Trine University has created Thunder 360°, the Trine First-Year Experience program, to help maximize your academic and social development through a variety of purposeful programs and initiatives that will leave you wanting more!

Highlights of this program include:

  • The highly visited Academic Success Center offering a wide range of services to help you excel academically and socially. Accessibility services, peer led study sessions, writing and research development, and more--all available to our students absolutely FREE!
  • The creation of standardized academic scheduling permitting all members to be in the same courses and sections for the fall semester.
  • The redesign of the "freshman" course with the goal of helping students develop the reading, writing and critical thinking skills necessary for college-level academic work in a new, creative and engaging manner.
  • IGNITE (Interacting and Gaining New Insight into the #TrineNation Experience), an education and involvement based program designed to help you become engaged with campus. With events ranging from academic and learning programs to socially-charged interaction and community-building events, IGNITE is the spark that makes you feel connected to your Trine University home!
  • Trine’s Summer Bridge program, providing selected incoming first-year students with tools and resources to jump start their first year in college.

We know that college is an exciting and challenging time in your life, and Thunder 360° is designed to help make the transition to college smoother for you. Our office has multiple services to assist you and your family during the first year.

We are committed to student success and we want you to succeed during your first year of college and beyond. If our office can ever be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Academic Success Center
John Milliken, J.D.
Assistant Vice President for Student Success & Engagement
Professor, Department of Psychology & Social Sciences
Rick L. & Vicki L. James University Center
260.665.4206 | E-mail me at: millikenj

Jeremy Howard
Director of Student Engagement
Program Coordinator, IGNITE
Rick L. & Vicki L. James University Center
260.665.4946 | E-mail me at howardj

Thunder 360