Student studying engineering

Project Lead the Way Scholarship

Trine University partners with Project Lead the Way to help meet the ever-increasing demand for engineers and technologists to serve today's high-tech world. The university supports Project Lead The Way through renewable Project Lead the Way Tuition Scholarship to students who have participated in its programs and by awarding college credit for certain PLTW courses.


$500 annually ($250 per semester) and may be renewed for up to three years for a total value of $2,000 over four years. This scholarship may be stacked on top of other Trine University merit-based awards, but not to exceed tuition.

Renewal Criteria:

Must continue to pursue a Trine University engineering or technology degree and make satisfactory progress towards completing the degree.


The PLTW Tuition Award is a renewable scholarship awarded to students who have completed a minimum of two (2) PLTW high school courses with a grade of “B or better in each course.  To be eligible students must be pursuing a degree in engineering or health sciences.  Students must provide a high school transcript documenting the PLTW course taken and the grade earned from a PLTW certified high school. 

College credit

Students enrolled in Trine University’s Allen School of Engineering and Technology can receive up to 15 credit hours of (equivalent to five courses) toward their Trine University degree:

  • College credit can be earned for all engineering programs at Trine
  • Credit hours vary from 3 to 15 college credits depending on the program
  • Credit is granted for both PLTW engineering and biomedical sciences programs