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Master of Business Administration

Trine University Student AchievementsA Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Trine University is focused on delivering real world return on investment for professionals looking to develop their skills and marketability in business and finance.

Focused, values-driven, and accelerated, this one-year graduate program for adults holding a bachelor degree is defined by an intense focus on business strategy, managerial, decision making, market development and global finance.

The Experience

Competitively priced, the MBA program provides a unique experience and value that Trine has delivered for over 130 years. Our program is global in both student population and perspective ā€“ many of our students join us from Asia and the Middle East. This provides exceptional networking opportunities for candidates looking to bring Western finance knowledge to growing markets.

The Results

In our program, you will learn the critical decision-making skills that corporate managers use in negotiations, finance, communications, marketing, corporate strategy, and ethics.

Trine offers specialized career counseling that starts the moment you join the program and continues after you've graduated.

Additional Information

Business Administration - 31 credit hours

*International student program requirements - 33 credit hours

BA 5000 Introduction to MBA - Only for students that do not have an undergraduate degree in Business, Accounting, or Finance.
ENG 501 Research and Writing Skills for Professional Success
*ENG 502 Critical Reading and Application (International Students)
BA 6933 Statistics & Quantitative Methods
MGT 5093 Business Strategy & Decision Making
MK 6943 Strategic Marketing and Management
ECO 5033 Micro & Macro Economic Decision Making
FIN 5063 Corporate Finance
FIN 6923 Managerial Accounting and Finance

Select 12 credit hours from the following electives

AC 533 Corporate Taxation
AC 553 Federal Taxation of Pass-Through Entities
AC 5003 Advanced Auditing
AC 5013 Advanced Managerial Accounting and Finance
BA 6953 Managing Business Information Systems
FIN 5823 Financial Modeling
FIN 5833 International Finance
FIN 5843 Financial Markets & Institutions
FIN 5853 Investment Analysis
GE 5103 Project Management
GE 5113 New Product Development
GE 5133 Lean Six Sigma
HR 5923 Strategic Human Resource Management
LAW 603 Employment Law
LDR 5023 Strategic Leadership
LDR 5203 Leadership Ethics

* ENG 502, Critical Reading and Applications, is a pre-requisite course for international students who have not studied in the U.S. The course serves international students who are acquainted with the methods of critical reading but who need to refine and strengthen their skills in order to succeed in subsequent university courses. Students must successfully complete this course with a grade of ā€œCā€ or higher in order to proceed to the next required English course in the program.

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.

This program is available on campus at any of our education centers and online.
Information about tuition can be found at Cost and Investment.