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BSBA in Accounting

Trine University Student AchievementsThe Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Accounting Major students at Trine get practical, hands-on experience in, and outside of the classroom. Students regularly use software applications, such as Peachtree, and QuickBooks. Sound financial management, cost accounting are key to the strategic objectives and success of a business organization.

The Experience

A career in accounting starts with our expert faculty, with both US and international corporate experience, both in Europe and Africa. Our program is intense and focused on getting you the best education in modern accounting methods and practices with the goal of sitting for the CMA or CPA exam. You'll get to work with real companies, large, small, and startups to help them manage their businesses' accounting.

The Results

The graduates of the program utilize their valuable experiences from internships to secure accounting positions after graduation. Our graduates are working for companies ranging from manufacturing organizations, CPA firms and energy companies.

Course Requirements Global Business Accreditation

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Accounting major requires 120 credit hours.

Uniform Certified Public Accounting Examination Candidates

Indiana and many other states require that a first time uniform certified public accounting (CPA) Examination candidate must have at least 150 semester hours of college education, including a baccalaureate or higher degree, with an accounting concentration or its equivalent. An accounting major wishing to meet this requirement should plan an individualized program with his or her regional education center director or assigned faculty advisor. This program will encompass an additional 30 semester hours of course work in humanities, mathematics, social sciences, business, and accounting.

Additional Information

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Accounting major requires 120 credit hours.

Business Core - 35-36 credit hours

BA 102 University Experience
 or UE 111 Adult Learning Orientation
BA 123 Business Concepts
BA 201 Professional Development and Strategies
AC 203 Accounting I
AC 213 Accounting II
BA 343 International Business
FIN 303 Managerial Finance
LAW 203 Business Law I
MGT 353 Designing Operations
MGT 363 Organizational Behavior
MGT 453 Strategic Management
MK 203 Marketing
BA 3113 Business Internship (Advisor will determine the appropriate class)

Concentration Requirements - 30 credit hours

AC 303 Cost Accounting
AC 323 Intermediate Accounting I
AC 333 Intermediate Accounting II
AC 373 Accounting information Systems
AC 403 Advanced Accounting
AC 423 Income Tax
AC 463 Auditing
FIN 413 Corporate Finance
Business Electives - 6 credit hours from (300-400 level from AC or FIN)
Free Electives - 12-13 credit hours

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog (opens in a new window).

This program is available on campus at any of our education centers and online.
Information about tuition can be found at Cost and Investment.