BS in Manufacturing Technology

Trine University Student AchievementsDesigned for those interested in the hands-on side of the manufacturing field, the Bachelor of science in manufacturing technology program at Trine University emphasizes design for manufacturability and practical skills to create a work-ready technologist. Students in the BSMT program have the ability to choose one of three concentration options: management, information systems, or students can transfer 12 industry relevant credits into the manufacturing technology apecialty concentration. The BSMT degree is also an excellent fit for students who have completed a two-year program in industrial technology, manufacturing technology, basic design technology, CNC machining, robotics or other relevant areas of manufacturing.

The Experience

Coursework in manufacturing technology program prepares students to be productive members of the manufacturing team in the areas of manufacturing processes, basic CAD drawing, information systems technology, environmental health and safety, and business management practices. A senior capstone design sequence provides students the opportunity to apply their skills to solve a real-world problem. The BSMT degree places strong emphasis on design for manufacturing processing, quality assurance, and manufacturing operations or other related technical specialties, to provide immediate skills that employers need.

The Results

Graduates with a Bachelor of science in manufacturing technology degree will be able to provide support and technical assistance throughout the manufacturing and design process. The Information Systems option provides studies in the basics of computer information systems that may be encountered in a manufacturing operation. Application of the leadership and management skills studied allows BSMT graduates the opportunity to quickly assume leadership roles in order to move the manufacturing team forward into the future. Further it provides a graduate the opportunity to pursue a Master of science in engineering management degree offered by Trine University.


Additional Information

General Education

MA 113 College Algebra
MA 123 Trigonometry
PH 154 College Physics I
ECO 213 Microeconomics
PSY 113 Principles of Psychology
Humanities elective - 6 credit hours
Eng 103 English Composition I
Eng 133 English Composition II
SP 203 Effective Speaking
COM 213 Business Communications
INF 103 Information Technology
MA 253 Statistics
Gen Ed - 3 credit hours

Core Requirements

ETD 103 Basic Technical Drawing
ETD 113 Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
ETD 163 Environmental Health & Safety
ETD 173 Computer Aided 3D Modeling with SolidWorks
ETD 273 Electrical Fundamentals
MGT 323 Leadership
MT 113 Manufacturing Processes and Materials
MT 123 Introduction to AutoCAD Design
MT 253 Basic Dimensional Metrology
MT 313 Design for Manufacture and Assembly
MT 323 Using SolidWorks to Generate Working Drawings
MT 403 Quality Assurance for Manufacturing Technology
MT 413 Manufacturing Technology Capstone Proposal
MT 423 Manufacturing Technology Capstone Project


Select one of the options below:

Option 1 – Management (online)
MGT 333 Supervision
MGT 363 Organization Behavior
MGT 373 Facility Management
MGT 383 Principles of Project Management

Option 2 – Manufacturing Technology Specialty
Complete 12 credit hours of MT Specialty courses

Option 3 – IT/Network (online)
INF 153 Python
INF 303 Network Management
INF 343 Network Security
INF 363 Data Base Management

Additional Requirements

BA 123 Business Concepts
BA 201 Professional Development and Strategies
UE 111 University Experience
Unrestricted Electives (any college-level courses) -18 credit hours

This program is available online.
Information about tuition can be found at Cost and Investment.