Alumni and Friends

Some bonds are simply unbreakable. That's the way we feel about Trine alumni and friends of the University who have done so much to shape our legacy and culture through different eras and names. It's people like you who have helped to write our story of success through the decades, and for that, we are truly grateful.

As a part of the Trine family, we'll do anything and everything we can to ensure that your connection with our people, our programs, our celebrations, and our collective future remains as strong as ever. With more than 25,000 Trine alumni around the world, and countless others who are friends and donors to the University, ours is a joint legacy of success that's hard to match.


Whether you're a recent graduate, or earned your degree decades ago, we encourage you to stay connected with Trine. Give us an update on what you're doing and where you are through class notes, consider joining the Alumni Association or Thunder Club, check in through the alumni Facebook group, follow us on Twitter, or keep reading Trine Magazine, Legacy Newsletter, and The Thunderbolt. What are you waiting for? Let's connect.


There's nothing like getting together with fellow Trine and Tri-State graduates and celebrating your experiences and everything the university does. Homecoming, the Trine University Scholarship Gala, the Florida Scholarship Golf Classic, or smaller events in areas that might be closer to home, like gatherings at minor league baseball games in South Bend and Indianapolis, Ind., among others. And of course it doesn't take a big event to celebrate with us, as there are Thunder games throughout the year that make a great excuse to find your way back to Angola for a weekend.


Our programs, our campus, our facilities, and our experience at Trine are as strong as they've ever been. This is a direct result of the generosity of individuals like you, who have given so much of themselves to the University. To carry on this tradition, we encourage you to consider giving to Trine in any way you can, whether it's as a student mentor, helping with recruiting, serving as an alumni event sponsor, or a monetary donation. It's through your generosity that we can ensure that the Trine experience will be available for generations to come. You are the university's champion.