Community Hockey FAQs

General Questions

What level should my son/daughter be at to join the league?

Any youth at any level can join the Thunder Youth Hockey Association League. We are a beginning house league and it is the perfect time to start. Coaches will be available at practices to help kids with skating. If your child would like additional ice time to practice skating technique, classes at Trine University Skating Academy are recommended.

What should my son/daughter wear/bring?

Please wear long pants and long sleeves that move with the body as well as gloves and long socks.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

You must sign a Thunder Hockey Association Waiver.

My son/daughter doesn’t have skates. Do I have to pay to rent a pair?

Skates are provided free for all programs.

If I want to buy a pair of skates, do you have any recommendations?

Skates can be purchased at the pro shop through the catalog if your size is not in stock.

When will I know which team my son/daughter will be on?

The team your son or daughter is on will be decided Sunday, Oct. 29, by 6 p.m.

What do you provide for the league?

Equipment is provided for the season. Helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, neck guard, breezers, hockey socks, rental skates and shin guards.

Should I expect any additional cost outside the price of the league and the USA Hockey membership?

Additional cost beyond the equipment provided is a mouth guard, cup and long socks.

What happens if I can’t make the parent meeting?

If you can’t make the parent meeting, information will be available at, or contact

Practice and Game Schedules

What is the schedule for the youth hockey league?

Two practices and one game per week.

What should I do if we will miss practice/games?

Please contact your coach regarding missed practice. Your skater should be at the practice prior to the game.

Can I watch the practices?

Yes, parents are allowed to watch practices and can watch from the stands. No parents are allowed in the players’ box.

If weather is an issue, how will we know if there’s practice?

All practices are indoors. Each coach will communicate by email regarding practice after he or she hears from the hockey director if there is weather, etc.

Will game times change from week to week?

Game times will be the same every week.

Will my son/daughter play against older/bigger kids?

Games will be matched by age.

Do I have to pay to watch the games?

Games are free.

Will games always be at the Thunder Ice Arena?

Yes, this is a house league.

When is the Festival? Is it just games or will there be a practice?

The Festival will be March 4-5. There will be no specific practice prior to the Festival. Game schedule will be announced Feb. 13.

What does USA Hockey membership include?

Your USA Hockey membership includes secondary liability insurance, USA Hockey magazine, communication from USA Hockey and opportunities for national camps.