American Marketing Association (AMA)

The American Marketing Association provides resources, education, career and professional development opportunities. This organization is not limited to marketing majors; it is useful to those interested in exploring creative ways to position other organizations across campus, the university, community establishments, and individuals for the betterment of these entities. The AMA is a respected organization that is a great addition to your resume and as well as a tool that can be helpful in finding internship and job opportunities. It will also help establish industry contacts across the county.    

Mission Statement:  The Trine University student chapter of the American Marketing Association provides students with an exceptional opportunity to explore, experience, and leverage marketing across a vast range of majors and associated industries.  And, encourage professional development and community service through interactions with marketing professionals and charitable organizations.

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AMA Campus Activities Page | Trine AMA Website


Please contact Advisor Dawn Moore or email the organization at


Dawn Moore, M.B.A. | Ketner School of Business | Ford Hall, Room 200B
Office (260) 665-4164 | Email