Innovation One Challenge Past Winners

2018 Challenge Winners

Technology Category

Place Winner Technology
1st Andrew Walters A6 Donut
2nd Angel Morrow Nickel Free Belt Buckle
3rd Bernard Woon Tuba Mouthpiece

Business Category

Place Winner Company
1st Jeffrey Bowman & Lucas Hochstetler Corn Club
2nd Lucas Radice Lax Strong
3rd Peyton Schrock Mobile Butchering

Best Community Submission

Shannon Tew ~ Community Health Intervention Program

Best High School Submission

Alexander Sharpe~ Motions and Music


2017 Challenge Winners

Technology Category

1st Place: Scream-O-Meter - Anne Mammel & Zach Seder

2nd Place: Security Buddy - Jonathan Adams & Ethan Wierenga

3rd Place: Cleat Strap - Colin Couch

Business Category

1st Place: Run In Charge - Brandon Berry

2nd Place: Greekals - Zachary Rilett

3rd Place: Green Man Motorcycles - Anthony Miller

Best University Entry

Internet Homework—John Wagner

Best High School Entry

Mold Extraction Device—Nathan Hopper (CASB)


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