Youth Programs

LEGO® Camp

Join Trine for an innovative week-long LEGO® Robotics Kids Camp! Campers will have the option between two hands-on programs ranging from basic robotics for beginners to a more experienced renewable energy themed program.

MINDSTORMS® Education (ages 7-12)
This program is a great way to cultivate an interest in technology and science in young students. This hands-on course exposes students to basic robotics via LEGO® MINDSTORMS®. Students will learn how to build simple machines and mechanises using a programmable brick and adding wheels, gears, levers and pulleys. 

MINDSTORMS® Green City (previous LEGO camp experience ages 8-12)
The Green City camp builds on the skills learned in the Education camp teaching campers the theme of renewable energy by exploring basic programming maneuvers and utilizing Green City training mats. Green City will challenge students to apply their programming and problem-solving skills by making their robots solve real-life engineering problems, each environmentally focused. 

Check back next spring for 2018 camps!


Additional camp information can be obtained by emailing