National Cyber Security Awareness Month

ANGOLA, Ind. – Take a minute to think about these facts: Each year, the identities of 500,000 children are stolen; children age 8 to 18 spend seven hours and 38 minutes per day online; it is impossible to predict when a cyber incident will occur.

Those facts highlight the need for caution when going online and using social media. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month so it's a good time to mull those facts from the Department of Homeland Security and to take action.

"The biggest issues today are with people posting too much information via social media," said Bill Barge, chair of the Trine University Department of Mathematics & Informatics. "It is too easy for someone to know you are not home or to learn your habits."

Barge also cautions Internet users to be wary of using free wireless internet, or WiFi. "I am always warning people about accessing email, accessing bank sites and making online purchases on the free WiFi at restaurants and coffee shops. I know too well what information someone with the right tools can pull out of the air," he said.

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