Lou Holtz Leadership Institute enrolling students

Trine University is bringing the proven leadership methods of a legendary football coach to its Lou Holtz Leadership Institute, which begins in October.

Legendary football coach, ESPN analyst and Trine University trustee Lou Holtz has put his name and effective leadership style on Trine's new institute. Last year, Trine launched the Lou Holtz Master of Science in Leadership (MSL) program that focuses on Holtz’s Three Rules: Do right, do the best you can and show people you care.

"We’re proud to teach and follow Coach Holtz’s proven and successful leadership style in our new Lou Holtz Leadership Institute," said Earl D. Brooks II, Ph.D., Trine president. "It’s exciting to get a stamp of approval from Coach Holtz and be able to offer this unique program. We’re eager to offer this program that combines so many positive elements.”

The inaugural cohort of the Lou Holtz Leadership Institute (LHLI) is scheduled to begin Oct. 10 at Trine’s School of Professional Studies Fort Wayne Regional Campus, 9910 Dupont Circle Drive East, Fort Wayne. The courses will be seated with an online component to complement the course offerings.

“It’s rewarding and humbling to be a part of this community-based leadership program,” Holtz said. “I’m confident the institute that carries my name will be grounded in the same high standards Trine applies to all programs.”

Centered on the teachings of Holtz, courses range from areas of management and leadership that reflects upon human relations, engagement, communication and problem-solving. Participants will have the opportunity to gain and use skills such as critical thinking, strategic and succession planning, and employee management. At the completion of the Lou Holtz Leadership eight-course program, leaders embark on a one-day, project-oriented workshop and will receive a certificate of completion.

The program features community outreach through continuing education and highlights training and innovation. The goal is to provide a broader opportunity to gain real world skills in the form of corporate training and certificate programs, in shaping innovation networks, inspiring an innovative culture and managing innovation.

The Lou Holtz Leadership Institute (LHLI) will engage employees, community corporations, faculty and students in educational outreach programs to build an innovative culture and introduce best practices to spur community innovation. Live and online programs will fuse the knowledge, spirit and skill sets desired of innovative leaders. This program was created to fuel creativity, marketing and delivery of these invaluable leadership skills.

To enroll in the Lou Holtz Leadership institute or learn more, contact Nancy Steigmeyer at steigmeyern@trine.edu or 260.203.2694.