Trine University’s Musical Theatre and Opera Ensemble stage 'Trouble in Tahiti'

Enjoy a live show when Trine University's Musical Theatre and Opera Ensemble offer a semi-staged performance of Leonard Bernstein's "Trouble in Tahiti" this weekend.

"Trouble in Tahiti" is a portrait of a day in the life of a young, suburban, unhappily married couple in the 1950s. In stark contrast to the situations presented by the troubled husband and wife, a jazz trio appears throughout the opera, singing about an idealized version of American life. The themes presented by Bernstein in this opera are similar to those in the popular television show "Mad Men."

"Trouble in Tahiti" represents musical challenges with its complicated jazz rhythms, close harmonies and sudden stylistic shifts. This opera is likely the most difficult piece of music some of these students will ever encounter and they have risen to the challenge.

The couple is played by Tyler Marx, a Waterville, Ohio, junior; Bonnie Alexander, an Avon freshman (Saturday's performance), and Elyse Buehrer, an Angola sophomore (Sunday's performance). The jazz trio features August Buehrer, an Angola sophomore; Joshua Marty, a Clyde, Ohio, junior; and Brandon Sarasin, an Angola junior. The ensemble is accompanied by Jeri Mow.

The free performance is scheduled at 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday in Trine's Furth Music Annex, 205 W. Maumee St., Angola. Admission is free.

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