Trine hosts summit for future teachers

Trine University will host about 30 Coldwater (Michigan) High School students for its first Teacher by Trine education summit on Sept. 29.

The juniors and seniors, who are in an education exploration and preparation program and have expressed an interest in education as a career, will receive an overview of Trine’s education program, financial aid and scholarship opportunities, and attend one of four 20-minute breakout sessions led by faculty and students in Trine’s Franks School of Education.

Topics for the breakout sessions will include: Effective Classroom Management; Culturally Responsive Teaching; Literacy-rich Strategies; and Technology Enhanced Learning.

 “We want to connect with promising high school students to share with them the joys experienced within the teaching profession,” said Anthony Kline, interim dean of Trine’s Franks School of Education.

“We hope to inform and inspire high school students to consider pursuing a career in education. At times, only the challenges found in teaching seem to make headlines. This is Trine University’s turn to share not only the benefits in the field of education, but why educators can change the world one student at a time.”

Kline said the university plans to make Teacher by Trine an annual event and hopes to expand it to include more high schools around the region.

The conference will run from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and includes lunch. Trine students also are welcome to attend all or part of the conference, which is sponsored by Trine’s Employment Resource Center, the Franks School of Education and Trine’s Student Education Association.