Free film festival begins this month

film fest

By Cody Konieczki
communication '17

FEB. 15 – Trine University’s free Overlooked Film Festival begins Thursday, Feb. 25 and continues through April 7.

The Overlooked Film Festival allows Trine students, faculty, staff and members of the community to see free films that did not open locally or were generally overlooked by audiences at the time of release. All films will be shown at 7 p.m. in Fabiani Theatre located in the Rick L. and Vicki L. James University Center, 720 Thunder Drive.

“Our theme this semester is ‘Uncharted.’ All of our films deal with characters entering uncharted territory – whether that be in creativity, social relations, psychical space or hidden secrets” said Justin Young, assistant professor and director of the film festival.

Sponsored by the Humanities Institute and the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the following films are scheduled to be shown:

Feb. 25 – “Steve Jobs” Rated R – He helped found one of the most well-known companies of our time and brought to market some of the most iconic products of the past 40 years, but who was the man behind the turtleneck sweater?

March 3 – “’Spotlight” Rated R – It’s the story behind a story. An inside look at how reporters from the Boston Globe unearthed a cover-up of child molestation in the local Catholic archdiocese that would recoil through the church.

March 17 – “Room” Rated R – Learn about a woman who has spent the past seven years trapped inside of a room. Her only company was her son for whom the room is all he’s ever known of the world.

March 24 – “Carol” Rated R – People can’t always control when, with whom and how they fall in love. For Therese, the object of her affection is the titular Carol, an older woman she waits on in a department store.

March 31 – “The Big Short” Rated R – A chronicle of the housing bubble that burst in 2007 and led to the recession of 2008 shouldn’t make for great entertainment, but it’s possible with the A-list cast of Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale and Brad Pitt.

April 7 – “Brooklyn” Rated PG-13 – A young Irish immigrant finds herself alone in New York City. As her homesickness grows, so does her slow assimilation into the melting pot of America. When family and love pull her between her two homes, the film balances precariously near melodrama.

Fabiani seats 320 guests and attendees are encouraged to arrive early if they have specific seating preferences.