Year-end giving

Our alumni have a special opportunity to contribute to the Trine Fund. These funds help provide students with scholarship money toward their education expenses. For some students, scholarships determine whether they can attend Trine.

In considering a gift, it is important to know the following:

  • Giving is easy, with many payment arrangements available. (For instance: cash payment, check, credit card, and online giving.)
  • You may choose which areas of the university receive the funds, or you may allocate the donation to the areas of greatest need (Trine Fund).
  • Contributions from Indiana residents qualify as a State of Indiana tax credit (the Indiana College Credit Schedule CC-40).

Please see Trine publications and news alerts for more information on how to become involved in the Alumni Campaign. The campaign began May 1 and continues through the academic school year until April 30. Please join this year’s effort to support your alma mater.

Make a gift today at