Fall Symposia concludes with ‘Hammers, Superheroes, and Apocalyptic Weapons: Norse Mythology in Comics’

Trine University’s Fall 2019 Humanities Symposia concludes Tuesday, Dec. 3, with “Hammers, Superheroes, and Apocalyptic Weapons: Norse Mythology in Comics.”

The Symposia is presented by Trine’s Department of Humanities and Communication (HAC). Sessions are held in Wells Theater inside Taylor Hall, with each symposium set to begin at 3:30 p.m.

Norse godPatrick Ridout, assistant director of information services in the LINK, Trine’s library and academic support center, will discuss Norse myths and how they have been reinterpreted and popularized in comics. Well-known characters like Thor and Loki will be discussed, along with stories of other gods like Freya, Odin and Baldur as well as other beings like elves and ice giants, and other heroes. Ridout said the comics delve more into the original lore of these myths than the movies.

“Norse myth has long been a rich pool of history and legends for storytellers. Almost from its inception, comics and manga have been fascinated by this area of folklore, using its characters, settings and themes in a unique and creative way,” said Ridout. “The medium of comic art has brought unique storytelling elements to these ancient myths, allowing for reinterpretations and reinventions that might not have worked if they had not been a part of comics.”

Trine’s Humanities Symposia is free and open to the public. Talks usually last about 30 minutes and are immediately followed by time for any questions, which usually leads to a total time of one hour. Wells Theater seats 75 guests, so attendees are encouraged to arrive early if they have specific seating preferences.

For more information about the Symposia, contact Melissa Mayus, Ph.D., assistant professor in Trine’s Department of Humanities and Communication, at mayusm@trine.edu.