Trine’s criminal justice department featured in Chronicle of Higher Education report

A new report from The Chronicle of Higher Education on how the COVID-19 pandemic and calls for racial justice are impacting higher educational curriculum highlights Trine University’s Department of Criminal Justice.

Authored by Alexander Kafka, senior editor at The Chronicle, “The Crisis Curriculum: How the Pandemic and Racial-Justice Movement Are Transforming Academic Programs,” includes a section featuring criminal justice programs and students from several colleges across the nation, including Trine.

The section includes an interview with Trine senior Allie Curdes, who talks about her reaction to high-profile killings by police, and why she still wants to pursue law enforcement as a career.

It also mentions changes Trine has made in its curriculum to help criminal justice students better learn about and develop solutions for racial justice issues in the field.

The report is available for purchase at

Last Updated: 10/29/2020