Why is philanthropic support important?

In the words of the pioneer of philanthropic research, Robert Payton, “Philanthropy requires thought, action, and passion.” The reasons for making a gift to Trine are very personal and diverse. Perhaps you are grateful for your campus experience and want to give something back by paying it forward. Maybe you would like to leave a legacy to benefit future students for generations to come. Possibly you feel passionate about supporting a specific area such as technology and research, student entrepreneurship and innovation, or a bricks and mortar project. Maybe your intentions are more general, and you want your gift to make an impact to the area of greatest need through The Trine Fund. Or you wish to take advantage of the tax benefits of making a gift.

Philanthropy is a voluntary action by you that is a representation of who you are, what has shaped you, and how you want to see the world. Whatever your motivation, at Trine you will find a way to make an impact that is important to you. Let us help you make that vision possible by supporting Trine University. Feel free to visit us at alumni.trine.edu and find out how you can make a difference.