BA in Communication

Apply ButtonThe ability to communicate effectively in today’s challenging business and social environment is the key to success for any organization. With that in mind, Trine University’s online Bachelor of arts with a major in communication prepares students to enter the workforce with communication skills immediately applicable to any number of professional roles. Students can choose from four concentrations specifically tailored to 21st century job markets: criminal justice, healthcare administration, organizational leadership, and information systems. A fifth option, strategic focus, provides a communication degree focused on a student’s own established area of interest.

The Experience

The core curriculum for the degree provides a wide selection of communication courses, including Public Relations, Writing for the Media, Business Communication, Intercultural Communication, Digital Media Creation, Web Content Management and many more, to total 48 credits.

Specialized options, for another 15 credits, provide coursework that can include Criminal Procedure and Evidence, Ethical Issues in Management and Medical Care Delivery, Leadership Development and Change, and Network Security, depending on the option.

There is room in the degree for another 14 hours of electives where a student can add foreign language and cultural experience - critical in today’s workplace - and pursue other areas of interest.

The Results

Graduates with a Bachelor of arts with a major in communication will be able to present public relations and media expertise to employers across fields including hospitals, law enforcement, universities, publishers, government, and businesses and nonprofits on the local, national or international level. The degree is also an effective gateway to Trine University’s online Master of Business Administration, further enhancing a student’s career opportunities.


Additional Information

A Bachelor of arts with a major in communication degree requires 120 credit hours

General Education – 42 Credit Hours

ENG 103 English Composition I
ENG 113 English Composition II
SP 203 Effective Speaking
FLM 203 Film Appreciation
PSY 113 Principles of Psychology
COM 123 History of the Media
COM 163 Interpersonal Communication
COM 203 Media and Society
Social Science Elective – 3 credit hours
Literature Course – 3 credit hours
Math Elective – 3 credit hours
Science Elective – 3 credit hours
Math or Science Elective – 3 credit hours
General Education Elective – 3 credit hours

Additional Requirements - 15 credit hours

UE 111 Online Learning Orientation
Free Electives – 14 credit hours

Program Core – 48 credit hours

COM 111 Communication Practices and Professions
COM 153 Principles Public Relations
COM 183 Writing for Media
COM 213 Business Communications
COM 233 Intercultural Communication
COM 243 Digital Media Creation
COM 253 Event Planning and Promotion
COM 263 Research Methods
COM 293 Argumentation and Debate
COM 301 Media Practicum
COM 301 Media Practicum
COM 343 Web Content Management
COM 353 Public Relations Writing and Production
COM 363 Rhetoric and Persuasion
COM 383 Advanced Writing for the Media
COM 433 Media Law and Ethics
COM 453 Public Relations Planning and Campaigns
COM 4013 Senior Capstone Internship
or COM 4281 Senior Communication Proposal
COM 4292 Senior Communication Project

Choose one of the following professional tracks – 15 credit hours

COM+ Criminal Justice

LE 103 Introduction to Criminal Justice
LE 153 Juvenile Justice
LE 253 Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections
LE 263 Introduction to Criminal Law/Justice
LE 273 Criminal Procedures and Evidence

COM+ Healthcare Administration

HC 313 Effective Management of Professional Relationships in Medicine
HC 323 Technology and the Future of Medicine
PHL 353 Ethical Issues in Management and Medical Care Delivery
MK 403 Business Strategy and Market Analysis
HC 413 Healthcare Finance and Revenue Cycle Management

COM+ Organizational Leadership

LDR 103 Introduction to Organizational Leadership
LDR 203 Leadership Strengths and Skills
LDR 303 Contemporary Leadership Theory/Practice
LDR 333 Leadership Development and Change
LDR 403 Creativity, Innovation, and Influence

COM+ Information Systems

CSIT 103 Introduction to Information Systems
CSIT 123 IT Infrastructure Basics
CSIT 223 Network Management
INF 343 Network Security
INF 263 Data Management

COM+ Strategic Focus

Strategic Focus Electives – 15 credit hours

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog (Opens in a new window).

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