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MS in Organizational Leadership

Apply ButtonThe Lou Holtz Master of Science in organizational leadership (MSOL) online program offers adults holding a bachelor degree a path to a new career dimension - leadership.

Visionary and strategic leadership skills are key components to professional success, regardless of career focus area. The MSOL program creates a highly effective foundation to prepare students for a variety of leadership complexities and opportunities.

The Experience

In the MSOL program, students explore the various facets of leadership ethics, the impact of technology on leadership efforts, and effective communication with stakeholders.

The Results

The MSOL prepares students to be effective leaders in a wide spectrum of employment environments. Regardless of challenges faced by business and industry, effective leaders will always be in high demand. A MSOL degree from Trine University will prepare students for leadership success.

Additional Information

The Lou Holtz Master of Science in organizational leadership degree requires 30 credit hours.

Leadership - 30 credit hours

LDR 5003 Leadership Philosophy
LDR 5023 Decision Making for Leadership
LDR 5043 Organizational Systems and Cultures
LDR 5063 Organizational Development and Change
LDR 5083 Conflict Resolution for Leaders
LDR 5203 Leadership Ethics
LDR 5223 Organizational Communication for Leaders
LDR 5253 Technology Topics for Leaders
LDR 5333 Research Methods
LDR 6563 Organizational Leadership Capstone

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.

TrineOnline is an entirely online format which allows you to complete your degree in the comfort of your home and, for international students, home country. With new classes starting every eight weeks, you can complete your degree in as little as a year, or at a slower pace if you want.
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