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MS in Leadership

Apply ButtonThe Lou Holtz Master of science in leadership (MSL) online program offers adults holding a bachelor degree a flexible path to a new career dimension - leadership. Visionary, strategic leadership skills enhance success in all of these career areas. 

Designed for working professionals, the MSL is delivered totally online at an affordable price. So you can learn at your own pace without paying more. For those who want an accelerated pace, the Master of science in leadership program can be completed in as little as one year.

A perfect fit for a wide range of industries

The MSL degree will provide unique offerings that will serve the needs of the business, engineering, arts and science sectors. Students will develop theoretical and applied leadership knowledge, and capabilities and characteristics needed to positively impact organizations across multiple sectors.

Additional Information

The Lou Holtz Master of science in leadership degree requires 31 credit hours.

Leadership - 31 credit hours

LDR 5003 Leadership Philosophy
LDR 5013 Group Dynamics within Organizations
LDR 5023 Strategic Leadership and Decision Making
LDR 5032 Economics and Accounting Practices for Leaders
LDR 5043 Organizational Systems in a Global Context
LDR 5053 Legal Issues in Organizational Leadership
LDR 5063 Organizational and Change Development
LDR 5082 Conflict Resolution for Leaders
LDR 5203 Leadership Ethics, Culture, and Politics
LDR 5213 Organizational Communications and Marketing for Leaders
LDR 6563 Organizational Leadership Capstone

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.

TrineOnline is an entirely online format which allows you to complete your degree in the comfort of your home and, for international students, home country. With new classes starting every eight weeks, you can complete your degree in as little as a year, or at a slower pace if you want.
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