Global Leadership Summit 2021

Trends with Trine Power HourTrends with Trine provides information on current business trends and solutions for your Jason Blume, Innovation Onebusiness needs. Networking will be available following the presentation.

Trends with Trine Power Hour
Innovation One Resources for Businesses
Tuesday, June 29
2:30-3:30 p.m.


In this Free Power Hour, you will learn more about Innovation One, Trine University's incubator for creativity, invention and design that improves education through experiential learning.

Trine Innovation One connects business, industry and the community with the creativity, brainpower and enthusiasm of Trine University.  Under the direction of staff and experienced faculty, students can provide innovative, cost-effective solutions for businesses and organizations while gaining career-building experiences through hands-on projects.  

Jason Blume, executive director for Innovation One, shares the resources and services available for businesses, such as prototyping, testing, process improvement, business plan development, marketing assistance and employee training for in-demand skills.

Networking is available after the presentation.

For this event, attendees can choose between attending in person at Trine Online's Dupont campus, located at 9910 Dupont Circle Drive East, Suite 130 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, or virtually via Zoom.

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