Account Information

Trine Technology teams provide services and mobile solutions to meet today's flexible computing needs. Faculty, staff and students can access campus computing resources, at any time or place which is convenient for them, whether from home, branch campus, in the office or in a breakout area on campus.

Please read the Information Technology Security and Usage Policies. Online piracy is prohibited and the policies are strictly enforced in order to provide a secure computing environment.

Account Information

It is the policy of Trine University that all faculty, staff and students will be issued a UserID (System ID/Network ID) that is to be protected by a password which enables them to complete the academic and business needs of the University. It is the responsibility of the user to create a strong password and to safeguard its confidentiality. At no time should the user grant access to his/her account by providing someone else the password.  More Information can be found at IT Computer Security Policy.

Network and Wireless Access

Trine University has wireless available in all academic and administrative buildings, student villas, and in common areas in the apartments and units.  Students who wish to connect a computer to the network should visit the Trine Answers website for instructions at Trine wireless.

Students will be required to use up-to-date anti-virus software in order to access the university network and the Internet.  The University recommended anti-virus software can be found at:  Trine Answers.

Online Services

Trine University issues a secure and independent email account. Be sure to check it regularly as important information will be sent to you via this account. While you are a student at Trine University you will be eligible to receive free Microsoft Office software along with this email.  This software is valid as long as you are registered at Trine University.  Trine University also offers a student portal "MyPortal", where students can check schedules, account information, FAFSA, and other important information.  Trine University also offers access to Moodle - its Learning Management System where course materials, syllabi, homework, activities and grades are kept for instant and continual access.

To review important first steps for this information check out the Student Technology Orientation.

Student Computers

Trine University encourages Students to bring their own computers, mobile and gaming devices.  Technology standard/recommendations are designed to meet our students needs.  The University Operating System stands is Windows 7 with Microsoft Office 2010 as our choice for general usage within the classroom and labs. Trine Answers website has available links to purchase recommended hardware and discounted software.  Students should check with their Department heads or Deans for specific hardware requirements.