Classroom Technologies

Evolving technologies continue to impact many aspects of teaching and learning.  There is an increased awareness of the desire and need to communicate external to the physical classroom; there is a need to collaborate and file share resources beyond our campus colleagues and students; and there is a need to address the changing learning styles of a new generation of students. Trine has made a commitment to upgrade the teaching technologies installed in our classrooms on a continuing basis.

There are approximately 50 learning spaces  (classrooms) across campus supported by Trine Technology teams. In the summer of 2013, there was a need to update classroom technologies.  The University addressed this growing demand by implementing new standards for classroom configurations which have been implemented across the campus. 

Trine offers general purpose and high tech student computer labs that are available to student at no cost.  Printers are also available to students to use in the labs.  General use labs are located in several places around campus and are for Trine Students use.  Hours of the labs change throughout the term due to holidays, breaks and special occasions.  Contact the help desk with issues or questions.