Megan Tolin

Secondary Education, 2010

Megan Tolin

After watching her parents work as teachers, Megan Tolin knew she wanted to be involved in education.

“I watched them pour their hearts and souls into their students and school. They were fantastic role models. I wanted to grow up and be like them,” said Megan.

Megan graduated from Trine University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in secondary education. After working as a classroom teacher, she now serves as director of technology, innovation, and pedagogy for the Indiana University School of Education at Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis, helping educators learn how to better integrate technology with their face-to-face teaching.

“I spend a lot of time in one-on-one sessions where I sit down with instructors and discuss their course design,” she said. “What do they like? What do they want to change? How can we redesign some of their assessments? How can we use technology to enhance the work they are currently doing? What tools are out there to help them take their courses to a new level?”

Megan didn’t start out at Trine, but her friends told her what she was missing. She decided to visit and fell in love with the campus.

“At Trine, the people make the place,” said Megan.

“The time I spent at Trine made a direct impact on me as an educator. I learned that building relationships with students is the most critical component to their success - faculty at Trine embody this idea,” said Megan.

She added, “I was challenged to think differently. I was challenged to fail and try again. I was challenged to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.”