Liz Steinmetz

Meet Liz Steinmetz

Liz Steinmetz focused her education on exercise science and it's no surprise based on her appreciation for being active.

Liz earned a Bachelor of Science in exercise science from Trine University in 2012.

She enjoys walking, hiking, biking and kayaking. Her activities mesh well with her love to travel. So far, Liz has been to France, northern Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico and Jamaica. She hopes to explore India and Australia.

As an admission counselor at Trine, she enjoys helping prospective students and their families explore Trine. Her self-labelled "bubbly personality" shows when she tells visitors about Trine.

Liz's perspective includes insight as a student-athlete because she participated in tennis at Trine.

She also made time for Gamma Phi Epsilon, choir, Residence Life and working as a student ambassador. "The small atmosphere and close community are what I love about Trine," she said. "We are one big Trine family."

While Trine is her favorite school, her favorite food is sushi -- which is often served in Trine's Whitney Commons, her favorite restaurant is Cheesecake Factory and her fave kind of music is country. Talk with Liz and see if you'll list Trine as your favorite school, too.

Elizabeth (Liz) Steinmetz
Admission Counselor
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